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Binance Opens Trading for $BAND after Completing Band Protocol Lottery Draw


Today, Binance has finished the Band Protocol lottery draw, with a 9.43 percent ratio of winning tickets. Further, based upon the Band Launchpad lottery results, the aggregate number of tickets proclaimed by the 19,258 non-winning members was 83,003. Accordingly, the amount of BAND airdropped for each ticket obtained by a non-winning member will be 7.61177307 BAND.

As reported a few days ago, the ninth Launchpad venture from Binance of the year was acknowledged by the trading platform to be known as the Band Protocol. Moreover, this had raised 3 million dollars as seed investments from 3 different lead speculators and was expected for a token deal on the platform lately.

Binance is resolved to give its clients a chance to invest its resources into another crypto platform, alongst with an airdrop of 300,000 dollars worth in crypto from Band Protocol. Following the new policy of Binance, the present token deal for Band will comprise a lottery with an expansion of an airdrop. Furthermore, Binance clarifies that the individuals who get a winning ticket would not get any of the free BAND coins.

After the 30-day time frame, the size of the client’s BNB balances will decide what number of lottery tickets they might get. The organization has allotted around 300,000 dollars worth in BAND tokens to be split between those investors who are not able to get winning lottery tickets during the IEO. It also announced that twenty clients would have the option for individual prize sum of 300 dollars, which works out to 634.25 BAND.

Precisely, the Binance exchange imparts a few guidelines to the clients to participate in the token sale of any launchpad venture. Here, clients need to hold some particular amount of BNB coins in their Binance trade wallet for some specific time by which they get a few tickets that help them to get into the lucky draw held by Binance to get the tokens from the token deal.

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