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After A Massive Weekly Decline, OmiseGo Strengthens by More Than 3% Yesterday


OmiseGo has implemented the In-flight Exits on the contracts lately. The team is focused on cleaning up issues that were found and fleshing out all the documentation. Further, they have prepared a demo integration between elixir-omg and the current set of contracts. All the pieces will be deployed soon to a new environment for testing. Additionally, the auditing of the new contracts will be done afterward.

OMG to USD Price Analysis:

On September 01, 25-days back, OmiseGo was trading around 1.1029 USD. From there, the value of the coin dipped by a margin of 25.51%. In the weekly trading, it has gone down by 27.85% from the trading price of 1.139 USD on September 20. In the intraday trading, however, the crypto showed a hike of 3.20% from the opening price of 0.795360 USD. Finally, it closed yesterday at 0.820789 USD.

OMG Price Chart

OmiseGo has manifested a huge weekly decline. However, the coin bounced back yesterday; which is a bit consolidating for the investors. Moreover, the immediate resistance for the coin is at 0.84948 USD and a support level is at 0.7814 USD.

The implementation of in-flight exits in contracts and further auditing of those is a commendable decision taken by the chain. For now, the short-term trend is utterly bearish. However, the long and medium terms are bullish.

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