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SecuX Introduces Crypto POS Payment Ecosystem to Support Hardware Wallets


SecuX, the world’s first cross-platform crypto hardware wallet, and a Taiwan based blockchain-based security solution, has launched a cryptocurrency point of sale (POS) payment ecosystem. Earlier, they had revealed that their new project would enable brand owners, retailers, system integrators, and VARs to build a tailor-made crypto payment ecosystem to increase sales.

SecuX Technology Inc launched the cryptocurrency point of sale (POS) payment ecosystem, exclusively at the Blockchain Expo North America, indicating that the company has moved further beyond its usual product line concentrated around hardware wallets.

The event participants were witness to a demonstration of the workings of the POC system. They were also educated on how users can make payments easily using the app on vending machines and general stores.

We would like a build a user-friendly bridge for every cryptocurrency user on blockchain to enjoy the most convenient and safe experiences on the storage of their valuable crypto-assets. That is why you may see the design of the wallet – in terms of creating the account and doing the transactions – is very straightforward, simple and intuitive,

commented a spokesperson while explaining various aspects of the typical hardware adopted by their company for the project.

With the launch, the company claimed to be the first of its kind to incorporate a separate area for cryptocurrency storage and enable payments via the use of brick and mortar POS terminals and hardware wallets.

SecuX ‘s set of products (product series V20, W20, and W10) has five classes – the M20 payment module,  the P20 payment terminal, merchant payment hub, a merchant payment app, along with the three wallets.

The spokesperson also commented on the eagerness to meet potential partners at the event, and also expressed their desire to venture on mutually beneficial collaborations if any came their way. The company received a good amount of positive response and traffic at the Blockchain Expo show, especially as the company was considering the US as a fundamental area for expansion and influence.

SecuX concluded with the declaration that its cryptocurrency physical store payment terminal would be made available from the first quarter of 2020.

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