Why Trade with InvestXE? An InvestXE Review


Online trading is a fast-growing way of earning money for individuals from all parts of the world. Today, there are dozens of online trading platforms, helping people become successful traders and high-earning investors. These platforms play a pivotal role in the financial stability of markets and assets. They help people become professional investors or traders with effective tools, automation, and custom plugins. InvestXE is one such platform that has gained popularity in recent years. As a trading platform, InvestXE has garnered traders’ interests by providing a unified solution to their trading activities. However, the platform holds several aspects that need to be evaluated for understanding its efficiency in the trading domain. In this InvestXE review, every factor driving this platform has been analyzed and assessed to help people make an informed decision before adopting any trading platform.

What is InvestXE?

InvestXE Review 2021
InvestXE Review – Overview

As of 2020, InvestXE is one of the world’s leading online trading platforms available for traders. The platform lets you trade across more than 16,000 markets globally. This one of the few platforms to offer such a wide spectrum of trading. InvestXE is a resourceful and tool-driven trading platform that caters to the needs of both professional investors and new traders. To date, InvestXE has become a successful partner for millions in their trading journey. The platform helps a hardcore trader reach the targets effortlessly. It also introduces people to the world of trading and incubates their entry supportively. InvestXE is not just a platform; it is a smart solution to the global marketplace’s trading challenges. It makes trading simple and more accessible to people by letting them trade almost everything, from currencies to commodities. The online trading community has been acclimatized with InvestXE, and several traders are benefiting from the services and tools it offers. InvestXE guides individuals to become successful traders by unifying their expertise with high-class customer support.

InvestXE Trading Accounts

To begin with, this InvestXE review has discovered the different offerings that this platform has in store. Being a trading platform, the highlights of InvestXE’s offerings is its dynamic trading accounts. The platform offers its services through a range of trading accounts. The InvestXE trading accounts are designed to suit every trader’s requirements. These account types are being offered to different segments of traders, designed to match their respective levels of experience. Every InvestXE trading account is fully-customizable and can meet the changing needs of traders as their experience grows.

  1. Primary InvestXE Account: As a starter kit to new traders, the primary trading account offers all the trading essentials. It has tools and services that help users trade successfully. Over 16,000 financial instruments are divided across six asset classes that can be traded with the primary account at InvestXE.

  2. Standard InvestXE Account: For those interested in starting a trading journey, the standard account by InvestXE is a perfect fit. This account enables the trade of forex pairs, cryptocurrencies, and several other assets. However, it is important to know these markets before opening the standard account. The account simplifies the tasks of its users with smart trades and seasonal analysis. It enables traders with various techniques and information. In this account, a minimum deposit of $500 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) is required.

  3. Progression InvestXE Account: For professional traders, the progression InvestXE account improves their skills and even helps beginners take the next step in their journey. This account offers smart tools for professional trading. It upskills its users and increases their knowledge of competitive analysis. Earning high profits is easier in this account as it lets traders use multiple assets for investments and implement expert tips for better results. It also gives access to the MarketPro 1.0 trading platform. The progression account offers 90-day access to InvestXE trading school, which also includes extensive webinar library membership. However, this account requires a minimum deposit of $5,000 worth of BTC.

Apart from these accounts, InvestXE also offers an advanced trading account for expert traders. This account can handle high trading volumes and is designed to rake in thousands of dollars every day. Advanced trading account by InvestXE is only designed for hardcore investors and risk-takers. It has all the features offered by the progression account. The advanced account also provides 24/7 customer support, which guides the traders every day. Moreover, this account gives 180-day access to the InvestXE trading school. To start this account, traders need to make a minimum deposit of $25,000 BTC.

InvestXE Trading Overview

For professional traders, InvestXE offers numerous investment opportunities and trading options. The platform comes with advanced benefits that help new traders evolve into pro traders in a matter of weeks. It has all the perks of opening professional trading accounts and executing trades at tighter spreads and insightful trading signals. It stays connected with traders through their phones and sends direct notifications on market developments through SMS or WhatsApp. Traders get bespoke insights and are also invited to join the InvestXE training sessions and their VIP events.

InvestXE Trading Overview
InvestXE Review – Investment Limitless

InvestXE offers a “Gold” trading experience to its traders and helps them make big trades in a short time. The InvestXE Gold traders can use every feature provided by the platform. With the help of experts, traders can find suitable trades and use the tools provided by these Gold membership. In this trading segment, the users can execute trades with the assistance of experts. The chances of winning at every trade are increased significantly. The exclusive and unlimited access to MarketPro 1.0 trading software and personalized trading sessions with InvestXE experts improve traders’ skills and drive their success rate significantly. The Gold trading standard at InvestXE is known for connecting members with a direct hot-line to their trading rooms. The benefits of unlimited assistance from experts and 24/7 customer support keep the traders more engaged in their work. Some of the live market review sessions by InvestXE analysts help traders in becoming familiar with all the platform features, the webinar library, and other resources on informative content and practical support for trading successfully. To experience this unique level of trading, InvestXE members need to make a minimum deposit of $75,000 BTC or more.

InvestXE also offers a Platinum trading experience for its top-tier account holders. Only a select few members get an opportunity to experience InvestXE in platinum mode. This type of trading is ideal for those interested in becoming the world’s top traders. In Platinum trading, InvestXE members get everything a top trader needs, including tons of quality resources, access to high-tech tools, and a growing knowledge base. The committed support of InvestXE in empowering its traders can be observed through these Gold and Platinum trading experiences. Platinum InvestXE trading offers better spreads at nearly 5% low rates and exclusive access to all the VIP rooms. The minimum deposit for Platinum trading at InvestXE is $150000 BTC.

What is an AutoXE Account?

InvestXE has another unique trading service in the form of the AutoXE account. In this account, all the above accounts can be integrated and run efficiently with trading automation. The automated trading strategies executed by AutoXE members are highly effective. They help users save both efforts, time, and money. An AutoXE account supports the finances of independent brokerages. It helps traders start and stop the trading system as and when they want. It also opens doors to single-strategy automation and analytic breakdown of historical data.

InvestXE Tradable Instruments

To cater to the global trading community, InvestXE gives access to trading more than 16,000 financial instruments and tradable assets. There is no other market platform that offers such a wide range of tradable instruments as InvestXE.

  • Forex Currencies: Currency options are a popular market among InvestXE traders. It is known for its quick returns and high profits. In the forex market, InvestXE provides various trading opportunities to its users. It educates them on the undercurrents of this market and shares insights on how trades can be executed. Dozens of winning strategies on currency trades are provided by InvestXE. These also include some perks of trading currency options such as a 24-hour open market, multiple levels of maturity, real-time chat support, competitive pricing, and effective market analysis.

  • Cryptocurrencies: Most traders hesitate to invest in cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature. At InvestXE, the market for cryptocurrencies is observed as a lucrative avenue to make easy profits quickly. From major cryptocurrencies such as Etherum and Bitcoin to new digital assets, traders can explore the market according to their investment potential. InvestXE runs a high-tech system with leading-edge tools for capturing the latest trends and reliable news in the crypto world. It spots the best trading opportunities and allows new users to become successful crypto traders. The InvestXE platform increases the winning probability of these crypto trades with effective strategies. The profits earned by InvestXE’s crypto trading solutions are a result of the valuable insights and unique expertise that InvestXE offers to its traders in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Precious Metals: Like currencies, InvestXE also allows the trade of precious metals. Gold and silver are the top tradable precious metals on InvestXE. The platform also supports the trading of platinum and palladium. Precious metal trading on InvestXE increases the experience of traders and makes them versatile in the commodities segment. InvestXE platform also offers excellent opportunities for traders soled investing in high-value precious metals.

  • Energy Commodities: InvestXE supports the trade of renewable as well as non-renewable energy commodities. These energy assets have a financial value that keeps changing periodically. Renewable energy commodities such as wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal are popular among advanced traders. InvestXE also enables the trading of non-renewables assets such as petrol, coal, oil, and gas. The price of these energy commodities keeps fluctuating due to the emergence of alternatives and new technologies or geopolitical discrepancies. The impact of weather conditions also impacts this market. But InvestXE protects its traders smartly by helping them invest only when the market fluctuations simmer down. InvestXE experts are also readily guiding traders with information on trading the right energy commodity at the right time.

Besides these instruments, soft commodities are also traded on InvestXE. In 2020, there is a growing demand for soft commodities such as sugar, cotton, soybeans, coffee, and cocoa. Making profitable trades with soft commodities is easy as the price fluctuations are not that frequent. InvestXE provides access to new trading strategies that leverage soft commodities’ market dynamics and help traders make profits even when the market downtrends.

InvestXE Trading Platforms

In this InvestXE review, there are a couple of platforms and tools that traders are offered. To manage and execute trades of these numerous financial instruments, InvestXE offers multiple trading platforms to its users. Here are the main trading tools that the InvestXE platform offers:

  • InvestXE iPhone App: Developed for the iOS mobile platform, this app functions perfectly to help traders execute their activities as and when they want. The iPhone trading app by InvestXE is a great tool to stay connected with the market while traveling and keep trading instruments in the downtime. This app’s engagement is becoming as high as that of any gaming app on the iOS platform. The app has optimized its intuitive UI to fit small screens and ensured that trading with multiple options and different functionalities does not lead to missing out on any opportunities.

  • InvestXE Android App: Like the iPhone app, the Android trading app by InvestXE serves the same purpose but for the Android mobile platform. The user base of the Android platform is significantly high, and trading becomes more feasible. The app has various features, and its functionality benefits the traders in capturing opportunities on the go. The app sends push notifications and updates its tools to deliver an excellent mobile trading service.

  • MarketPro 1.0: InvestXE has its flagship platform and proprietary software called MarketPro 1.0. This platform works as a web application and is compatible with all computing devices and web browser applications. With MarketPro 1.0, traders get practical access to advanced tools for high-volume trading. The platform can measure and analyze dozens of different markets simultaneously in real-time. It is best used for crypto trading and forex trading. MarketPro 1.0 is designed to provide a competitive advantage to InvestXE traders in the global marketplace. It offers free features and paid features, including copy trading, VPS hosting, technical indicators, and AI-driven market analysis.

InvestXE Trading Platforms
InvestXE Review – InvestXE Trading Platforms

Besides these platforms, InvestXE also runs a web trader platform for beginners. The InvestXE Web Trader platform makes all the trading functions very simple. It aims to guide its new traders and help them catch pace with industry veterans. Even with no prior knowledge of the market, InvestXE upskills its users with the Web Trader platform and pushes them to become a professional trader. It lets them learn and trade simultaneously, providing real-world applications of trading strategies. The InvestXE Web Trader provides access to historical trading data and valuable information, which leads to the identification of hidden market trends of new financial instruments and lucrative assets. The platform also runs a multi-chart analysis of the market to avoid risks in asset trading.

InvestXE Customer Services

This review considers InvestXE, a leader in providing excellent customer support services to its traders, novice, and experienced.

InvestXE has a team of dedicated sales traders that help the users entering a new market. Beginners can seek assistance from InvestXE’s dedicated sales traders to understand the entire process in simple words. These traders are best at explaining the most complicated trading activities in simpler ways. As a result, the users develop better loyalty with InvestXE and continue to seek its proven success formulas. After years of industry experience, InvestXE has several in-house analysts who work as a team to solve the problems of new and experienced traders. An in-house analyst by InvestXE helps traders find an edge over their competitors, saving efforts wherever possible and reaching the top of the trading league with smart executions. InvestXE in-house analysts are accurate with their insightful advice and save millions of traders from the pitfalls or traps of changing market prices.

InvestXE has allocated personal relationship managers to its traders for making the complex trading tasks less time-consuming or confusing. These managers are easy to get in touch with and are available to cater to various issues. Traders get their help whenever required. Personal relationship managers at InvestXE are available for technical assistance and trading guidance. They can only recommend which trades to target and which to avoid. They also provide information on the technical trading jargon. Through email, live chat, or phone, some managers are accessible. Besides these, InvestXE offers personal trading courses that train users to become successful professional traders. These courses equip them with a profound understanding of the markets and firsthand information on trading dynamics. A personal trading course by InvestXE is tailored to the scope of the user. It offers knowledge that is relevant and generally applicable to the user. Industry experts design these courses and conduct them to teach traders how to create their insights. If the markets are difficult to understand, these courses lucidly unlock the trading complexities through personalization.

InvestXE Customer ServicesInvestXE Customer Services

For official customer service, email support is the best medium. InvestXE is working globally and has its clients in more than 170 countries across the globe. To manage these clients under different timeframes is difficult. Hence, InvestXE runs a responsive email service that helps its traders get in touch with the support staff and solve the issues. The 24/7 email support offered by InvestXE connects different departments of the support team. For general support, [email protected] is available. Traders can contact the analyst desk through [email protected] and the trading desk through [email protected]. For compliance issues, the trader can send their emails to [email protected]

email supportInvestXE Customer Services

InvestXE also offers instant customer support via WhatsApp messenger and Telegram messenger services. Additional phone support is also available for direct communication with experts.

InvestXE Review – Conclusion

Overall, the review deems InvestXE a reliable trading platform that can support the trading needs of beginners as well as experienced traders. InvestXE has several ways in which it can help its users with trading opportunities. Outstanding customer service is the highlight of InvestXE’s offerings. Uninterrupted access to trading platforms such as MarketPro 1.0 and multiple options for trading accounts make InvestXE suitable for traders at every game level. InvestXE supports trading an extensive range of tradable instruments currently not offered by any other competitor. However, the minimum deposit limits for different levels of trading make InvestXE an expensive deal. Even so, InvestXE will continue to be a preferred platform in the long run.