AnalystQ Review 2023


AnalystQ is a new broker founded in February 2020; this platform provides a good user interface that is very responsive. This platform is designed for speed. It helps the new traders and experienced traders structure their portfolios, trade-in currency, commodities, and cryptocurrency to make money through trading.

This platform provides more than 16,000 trading instruments, which is the highest number that has been offered by any broker across the globe. AnalystQ provides trading in energy commodities in renewable and non-renewable categories such as crypto-fiat currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, soft commodities, and precious metals. It does not offer Forex pairs for trading.

AnalystQ Reviews – Trade With Ease!
AnalystQ Reviews – Overview

AnalystQ provides its services to clients in more than 170 countries and is still spearheading to offer its services to new territories. It offers several new features in resources, options, and it provides courses in trading and explains the traders about how to use the platform to make profitable trades.

Why should you trade with AnalystQ?

  • Some of the reasons you should choose AnalystQ to trade is that it offers a wide range of instruments for trading such as commodities, futures to currency options, and cryptocurrencies. And it also offers 16,000 asset classes, which are high in number compared to any other broker around the world.
  • One of the most significant features of this broker is, it offers 24×7 dedicated customer support in 170 countries where it is functional. The customer support executives are very knowledgeable and professional in helping the customers sort out their issues or problems.
  • AnalystQ offers several educational courses, webinars, alerts, and one-to-one training courses to train the customers so that they can use this knowledge to trade profitably.
AnalystQ Review – Why Trade with AnalystQ?
AnalystQ Review – Why Trade with AnalystQ?

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

AnalystQ offers only Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method for its users. Moreover, they charge deposit and withdrawal fees for any transactions that are carried out. Withdrawals also can be made only in Bitcoin, and they are processed in 3 to 5 working days. This period is okay for regular transactions, but when we are considering Bitcoin transactions, they are instant, and we need to check why this takes a longer time.

Inactivity Fees: AnalystQ charges an inactivity fee if the cryptocurrency deposited in the trader’s account remains inactive or not used for less than two months. For this, they will charge an amount of 0.0040 BTC per month.

Types of Account

AnalystQ offers 3 accounts for its traders. They are given below–

  1. Primary Account
  2. Professional Account
  3. AutomatiQ account
  • Primary Account: AnalystQ main advantage over other brokers is that it offers a wide range of trading assets of more than 16,000 asset classes not offered by any of the brokers. It also provides advanced online trading tools, quality execution, and several more. By providing several accounts, the trader can trade efficiently, and they can apply the trading strategies to execute profitable trades –

The primary account is further divided into 3 types –

  1. Standard Account – Minimum funding required for the standard account is BTC equivalent of 500 USDT
  2. Education Account – Minimum funding required for the education account is BTC equivalent of 5,000 USDT
  3. Specialty Account – Minimum funding required for the specialty account in BTC equivalent of 25,000 USDT
AnalystQ Review – Primary Account
AnalystQ Review – Primary Account
  • Professional Account: The professional account offered by the AnalystQ has several options, and this trading platform offers personalized coaching, intuitive tools, great user-interface, and provides several educational learning opportunities so that the traders can use it to execute profitable trades. It also provides trading signals through WhatsApp and SMS directly to the trader’s phone, so that they need not miss out on any of the profitable opportunities for trading.
  • AutomatiQ account: By using the AutomatiQ account, the trader can use several trading strategies with their trading account. This account has been designed exclusively for advanced traders, and they are offered several trading strategies for their benefit.


AnalystQ is a new online trading broker that recently started its operations. Below given are the few advantages of trading with AnalystQ –

  • One of the major advantages of AnalystQ is it offers over 16,000 trading instruments, which are the highest number offered by any trading broker around the world. This broker provides trading in energy commodities (renewable and non-renewable types), Crypto-fiat currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, soft commodities, and precious metals.
  • AnalystQ trading platform’s strategy developers had developed a trading strategy on its platform, which helps its traders to analyze real-time performance. Further, AnalystQ analysts evaluate and rank the trading strategies, where the traders can choose these strategies and incorporate them into their trading.
  • AnalystQ offers MetaTrader 5 platform for its customers. As we are already aware of the fact that the MetaTrader 5 platform is the most advanced trading software which is available in the market presently. It offers a wide range of advanced charting tools, technical market indicators, backtesting environment, and the trading robots called expert advisors.


Below given is the list of disadvantages of this broker –

  • AnalystQ is operated by AnalystQ, an organization that is functioning in the commonwealth of Dominica, which describes it as an offshore brokerage.
  • One of the major disadvantages is that its minimum deposit is 500 USDT, a very high deposit for a new broker.
    Besides, this broker does not offer any free demo account, when compared to its competitors who provide demo accounts for an unlimited period.
  • AnalystQ provides only Bitcoin as a deposit or withdrawal method for all of its transactions. The main advantage of Bitcoin transactions is, just like any other cryptocurrency transaction, they are anonymous and permanent.

Currency pairs

AnalystQ offers the below-given currency pairs for the traders such as-

  • ETH/ CHF

Trading Platforms

AnalystQ offers the below trading platforms for its traders –

  • Metatrader 5
  • Web Trader
  • iPhone Trading App
  • Android Trading App
  • Tablet Trading app
AnalystQ Reviews – Trading Platforms
AnalystQ Reviews – Type of Trading Platforms

Customer Support

AnalystQ offers professional and dedicated customer support for its clients. The customer support is available 24×7 through online chat or phone. It also offers personal managers and in-house analysts to help the traders to have a great portfolio.

AnalystQ offers its customer support in the below-given ways –

  • 24×7 Live support
  • Email Support
  • Telegram Support
  • WhatsApp Support
  • Phone Support
AnalystQ Review - Services
AnalystQ Review – Services
  • Personal Relationship Managers: AnalystQ provides professionals to help traders. These experts help them analyze if there is any volatility in the market, and in turn, helps them maximize their profits without any hidden cost. Moreover, the relationship managers can be contacted through chat, phone, email, and they are also available through in-person meetings.
  • Dedicated Sales traders: The trader should be aware that trading with cryptocurrencies involves high risk and time-consuming. To counteract this process, this broker offers sales traders to help their clients. These sales traders have several years of experience and help traders maximize their performance and achieve good results by offering good trading advice about various instruments.
  • In-house analysts: AnalystQ provides in-house analysts to help the traders to offer advice on profitable trades without much stress by providing market insights, forecasting market fluctuations, trading tips, and several more.
  • Trading courses: AnalystQ trading courses are designed by professional trainers who have several years of experience. By undergoing these trading courses, traders can build their trading skills, which can be used when trading.


AnalystQ Review - Education
AnalystQ Review – Education
  • Q Academy: AnalystQ offers a Q academy where the customers need to log in to view several educational courses offered by the platform.
  • Educational courses: This broker offers several educational courses irrespective of the traders’ experience level if they are looking to upgrade their knowledge in the trading sector.
  • Online Trading Courses: If a trader does not have time to study full course material on several topics on trading, AnalystQ offers information quickly through their online training courses. The major advantage of these courses is that the traders can learn them at their convenience.
  • Personal Trading Courses: This broker provides personal trading courses such as one to one mentoring. The customers can learn from Q-certified trading coaches who have great experience and offer market insights that help the customers enhance their trading portfolio and make informed decisions.

Wrap up

If you choose AnalystQ as your trading platform, you have a wide choice of 16,000 asset classes to select from, which is the highest number of assets offered by any online broker across the world. Yet, you need to research and analyze a trading broker with caution before proceeding with the trading.