VDollar Exchange Review 2023

In the cryptocurrency space, everyone needs the support of a reliable exchange that helps them trade crypto coins and earn high profits. The majority of digital crypto exchange platforms offer services where users can maximize their profits and continue to hold a solid position in the market. However, some online crypto exchange platforms offer more exclusive services to crypto investors.

VDollar exchange platform is the latest and most up-to-date marketplace for crypto investors and traders. The platform is not limited to cryptocurrencies but supports other financial instruments such as fiat currencies and commodities. In this VDollar exchange review, different aspects of the platform will be explored and evaluated for their impact on the portfolio of crypto adopters. This VDollar exchange review also offers multiple reasons why people prefer the latest trading platforms over established exchanges.

What Is VDollar Exchange?

VDollar is an online trading and exchange platform that enables cryptocurrency users to manage their wealth and earn profits from trades. Registered in Colorado, US, VDollar has emerged as one of the world’s leading exchanges for cryptocurrency contracts. The company, VDollar Exchange LTD, is registered under Money Services Business (MSB).

VDollar Exchange Review - User Interface
VDollar Exchange Review – Overview

The platform is under the United States jurisdiction, where it runs its three primary business verticals.

  • Digital Currency Wallet (vdollarwallet .com) 
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange (vdollar.io)
  • Crypto Trading and Mining Service (vdollar.org)

In its journey to the top position, VDollar exchange has created a new trading mechanism called “Trading is Mining.” VDollar users use this mechanism for earning crypto coins easily.

Main Features of VDollar Exchange

There are four main features of VDollar:-

  1. USDT Reserve Pool

The platform has pooled the USDT traders together with an on-chain address. This on-chain address is published publicly and is completely verifiable for users. This transparency helps the users with multiple trades.

  1. The New “Trading is Mining” Mechanism

This mechanism simplifies the mining process and integrates crypto trading with it. With this mechanism, 100% of the user transaction fees are put back into the USDT Reserve Pool for enabling more trades.

VDollar Exchange Reviews - Main Features
VDollar Exchange Reviews – Key Features
  1. Super Representative Generation Mechanism

VDollar elects its super representatives by voting. The VDollar user community votes for 32 seats, and these super representatives help upgrade the platform based on users’ needs.

  1. Perpetual Motion Machine

This machine is available at an issuance cap of 10 million. With the first issuance, the user can mine 1 USDT on VDollar exchange as a conversion for every transaction fee. With every proceeding phase of issuance, the fee is halved.

Other crypto exchange platforms do not offer these features.

Increased User Trust in VDollar Exchange

Several VDollar exchange reviews online reflect the growing trust of users in this platform. One of the main reasons people trust VDollar is that it is under the financial jurisdiction of the United States government. This helps in seeking justice on crypto frauds if any occur.

Another reason behind the increased user trust in VDollar exchange is that the platform gives back to the users. It helps crypto traders become more independent and does not burden them with fees. Also, VDollar offers exclusive services to its users, unlike other exchange platforms where the users are compelled to pay additional membership fees for such services.

Is VDollar Licensed?

VDollar exchange is regulated as Bityard and licensed under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore. The VDollar Exchange Ltd., on the other hand, is a US-based business entity. It has the MSB license from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. This license is regulated by the United States Department of the Treasury.

VDollar Exchange Review: Pros and Cons

Here’s an overview of the benefits and disadvantages of the VDollar platform.

Pros Cons
Algo Signals-pros The platform ensures that 100% of the user’s handling fee gets injected into the USDT reserve pool. This serves as an underlying asset of the platform, providing real value to the VDollar exchange user base.  Algo Signals-cons Being under the US Jurisdiction,  VDollar exchange is often represented as a near-monopoly centralized exchange.
Algo Signals-pros Electing super representatives helps in making the platform profitable for traders. Algo Signals-cons The platform makes changes in various transaction policies frequently.
Algo Signals-pros The USDT reserve pool address is publicly available for transparency.
Algo Signals-pros The “Trading Mine” mechanism is a breakthrough in the crypto space.

Registration Process at VDollar Exchange

The registration process on the VDollar platform is simple and easy to follow. The user needs to enter their details such as:-

  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Country

These details are verified with the online KYC process. After the email verification, a VDollar account is opened. The user needs to complete registering this account by linking a crypto-friendly bank account to it. Some users can prefer linking the account to the VDollar Wallet app.

VDollar Exchange Reviews - Registration Process
VDollar Exchange Reviews – Registration Process

VDollar Fees

VDollar exchange transaction fee rates are dispersed across various multitudes. Due to the new trading mining mechanism, these fees and their rates may differ from the fees of non-vDOLLAR digital assets and other trading platforms.

The platform does not charge any deposit fees. It does not have any minimum deposit limitation as well.

VDollar withdrawal fees are as per the industry practice. They are mainly charged based on miners’ expenses. These fees are not applicable for transaction mining.

The OTC fee rates at VDollar are currently free. The platform charges an exchange-cum-margin transaction fee of 0.2% for makers and takers. Swaps transaction fees for the platform are 0.06% for makers and 0.04% for takers.​​ Although, to know full details of VDollar exchange fees check here.

How Does Mining Work at VDollar?

In this VDollar exchange review, the trading-mining mechanism of the platform has been illustrated to help understand how to mine VDollars (VD).

With the halving issuance mechanism on an ERC20 public blockchain, phase 1 of vDOLLAR mining is capped at 4,500,000. The phase 2 cap is set at 2,250,000, and the phase 3 cap is halved to 1,125,000, and so on.

With the inflation mechanism, the platform sets the starting value of every mining phase in USDT. For phase 1, the value is 1, and for phase 2, it is doubled to 2. Similarly, for phase 3, the value becomes 4, and for phase 4, the value becomes 8, and so on.

How to Trade on the VDollar Platform?

The VDollar trading mining mechanism injects 100% of the transaction fee into the USDT reserve pool as an underlying asset. This is linked to the VDollar exchange and increases its value through an ERC20 smart contract.

The trade is first issued to ensure each vDOLLAR token gets firmly anchored in the ERC20 chain ecosystem. The reserve pool is owned by all currency holders. These holders are announced daily and audited every year. The trading currency and cash pool are completely transparent to make trading on the VDollar platform profitable.

VDollar App

The VDollar mobile application is a cloud-based crypto exchange app and crypto wallet. It is used for complete currency support on Android and iOS devices. The app is easy to manage and can be used in any part of the world. It is quick to understand the app navigation. The VDollar exchange app is designed to bring focus to global stock exchange markets while helping crypto investors get new investment opportunities.

VDollar Exchange Review - VDollar App
VDollar Exchange Review – VDollar App

VDollar Wallet

VDollar wallet is a hot wallet in the crypto space. It is a cloud-based wallet that uses advanced management of digital assets. The blockchain-based wallet enables its supporting parent blockchains such as BTC and LTC. Users can enable their own private keys for offline storage from the wallet.  With multiple encryptions, the VDollar exchange wallet ensures maximum asset security.

VDollar Supported Currencies

VDollar exchange supports all major fiat currencies, such as US Dollar, Euro, and Canadian Dollar. The native token – vDOLLAR – is primarily used for utilities on the platform. The main cryptocurrencies supported on the VDollar platform are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tether (USDT), and other ERC20 series tokens.

How is the VDollar Token is Different from the BNB Token?

The VDollar platform has vDOLLAR as its native token. Similarly, Binance exchange has BNB as its platform-native token. There are many ways in which VDollar is different from BNB.

  1. The issuance cap for VDollar is 10 million, while the issuance cap for BNB is 200 million.
  2. VDollar token offers 100% support for transaction fees, unlike BNB token.
  3. BNB token does not enable a diminishing output like VDollar.
  4. The VDollar token is completely transparent and more verifiable than the BNB token.

VDollar Exchange Customer Support

Besides the Super Reps options, users can connect with the customer support services at VDollar through social media channels such as:-

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VDollar-103237518352042
  • Telegram:https://t.me/VDollar_Family
  • Twitter:https://twitter.com/VDollar10

Our Verdict on VDollar Exchange

All things considered, VDollar is a profitable and best crypto exchange for new-age traders and crypto investors. The platform expands into the stock exchange as well. It helps in trading crypto coins at a maximum advantage with its trading-mining mechanism. The platform also supports all major cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Overall, VDollar is a trusted and lucrative crypto exchange and trading platform for the public.


Here are the answers to some common questions on VDollar.

1. Is VDollar Exchange Legit and Safe to Use?

Registered and licensed as an MSB under the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, the platform is safe and legit for people in the US.

2. How Does VDollar Exchange Work?

VDollar enables a trading-mining mechanism, which adds true value to the native token and helps the users gain wealth organically.