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Wikipedia Becomes a Verified Publisher in Brave Browser


On August 27, it is announced that a multilingual encyclopedia, i.e. Wikipedia is added by the Brave browser officially as a verified publisher to its growing list. This portal will be listed on the top 10 verified sites on the Brave platform. Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), which is an important part of the digital economy can be the form to accept donations and gratuities. According to the web traffic analysis tool, i.e. Alexa, the ranking of the famous website is at 7th number. It is a popular information sharing website, and it increases the credibility of the browser on the online advertising platform.

Brave is competing with online brands like Google and Facebook, which are very good at online advertising. They follow a cryptocurrency-based model that attracts viewers to open and watch their interesting ads. According to the records, there are 3,000 verified publishers on this platform with an uptick in applications for the year 2019.

With the help of BAT, i.e., Ethereum blockchain-based token, Brave is making changes in the online advertising area. It is easy to connect with the audience using BAT. Content developers can make lots of profit by posting ads. On the other hand, users choose and view online advertisements.

The development of small-time content websites, spreading over the internet and lured in most-visited website hosts is all Brave browser is up to. This innovative concept of Google and Facebook is also establishing by the Brave.

Wikipedia’s likes are going in an ad-free browser model as a signed publisher. Brave positioned itself as a cryptocurrency-based browser that provides a fast, wholesome, and secure experience. There are around 122,000 editors contribute their efforts to the website of Wikipedia at their expense. Now, an important thing to think is that whether the publishers of Wikipedia will get paid by BAT by the Brave browser. There is a long way for Brave to create a significant source of income for the Wikipedia publishers with the help of BAT rewards and tips. For now, this model is used to attract the people towards the platform and being noticed. But, it will take a long time to make the platform as an income source.

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