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Ethereum Price is Seen Continually Dropping From Last 5 Days


Ethereum community is excited about the Devcon, which is 6 weeks away from now. But the real question is if it is going to help the Ethereum to improve or not? Well, time will tell the same!

The price of Ethereum is trading at $169.68 at 10:55 UTC on 30th August 2019. In the last 5 days, the ETH price was initially trading above the baseline with the price of $193.95 on 26th August at 00:30 UTC time. ETH price then dropped by 4.61% on 27th August at 12:25 UTC when the price changed to $185.01. Ethereum price went further down by 10.76% on 29th August at 14:40 UTC with the trading price of $165.05. ETH price from then is escalated by 2.65% as of now.

Ethereum is trading with the bearish nature as of now, which might invite new traders to join the network. It is hoped to see Ethereum switching in the bullish zone in the upcoming weeks. As per past data and analysis, it is anticipated that we might be able to see the trade turning in the upward motion again soon.

The resistance and support levels are calculated as below for the users to make a wise trade decision:

R1: 173.29, R2: 177.06 and R3: 180.12

S1: 166.46, S2: 163.4 and S3: 159.63

Ethereum Price

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