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Ethereum Price Rise by 0.64%; Can ETH Maintain Its Performance Level?


The ETH coin was valued at $191.23 yesterday, and the movement of the coin was more or less at the same pace. At 2:20 UTC, there was as a sharp fall in the price of Ethereum, and it reached as low as $184.96 as per intraday figures. Considering the massive potential of the ETH coin, it did manage to rise as high as $192.16 at about 12:15 UTC before it finally got closed at $186.84. Despite the fall, Ethereum has managed to bounce back well yesterday.

Ethereum Price Chart

Ethereum Price Chart

Ethereum Price Analysis & Forecast:

If we analyze Ethereum price since the time it reached $192.16 yesterday and the current price, the coin indicates a bearish run by 0.43%, which can be considered as negligible.

We anticipate that the price of ETH coin may fall marginally for tomorrow as well and it may find support at $190.

As per the current trend noticed of Ethereum, you should trade cautiously within its resistance and support levels. If you can trade from a long-term perspective in the coin, it will offer you high returns.

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