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Verge Price Gets Dominated by the Bears; Trades as Low as $0.0029 in the Past 7-days


Verge price comparison over the past one week indicates that at present the coin indicates a bearish trend. It was trading at $0.00330034 as on September 25, 2019 post which, due to several sharp falls, price of XVG reached the lowest at $0.00298094. Despite the fall, Verge gained the momentum to trade as high as $0.00369390 on September 27,2019. However, unable to maintain its efficiency at this level, prices began to drop again and while writing this analysis, the movement of the coin was inclined towards the bearish range.

Verge Price Analysis:

Verge Price Chart
Currently, Verge indicates a bearish run by 13.68% as compared to the trading price of September 26, 2019. By looking at the present trend, it seems that Verge price may continue to fall in the upcoming days as well.

Today, it is expected to be traded in the range of $0.00318000 and $0.00320170. It is advisable to trade in XVG from a long-term perspective as it has all the potential to attain newer heights.

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