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Blockchain Social Network Sessia Celebrates 3 Years of Success


Sessia, a company with offices in Hong Kong, Moscow, and New York, recently celebrated its third year as a successful blockchain social network. Starting its operations in Hong Kong before moving to Moscow, the company’s leadership has helped Sessia bring their innovative and groundbreaking new social economy to other nations around the world.

Currently, the company’s efforts are focused on consolidating its presence in New York, NY, though all interested parties may download Sessia on Google Play to get started, no matter where it is located. Globally, Sessia already boasts a user base that exceeds 250 businesses, 100 of which are based in the United States alone. The company hopes to shift its focus and build a sizeable user base in other promising regions, such as South East Asia.

Founder Narek Sirakanyan asserts that one of the starkest innovations Sessia offers is that it is a viable alternative in markets that have trouble opening merchant accounts with traditional banks. Narek notes that,

“Currently, Sessia provides a solution as a crypto gateway and may offer a non-crypto solution in the future.”

Sessia states that their primary goal has remained unchanged in three years since its inception: to simplify and facilitate the relationship between businesses and consumers on their platform. It asserts that,

“Sessia is a unique software solution for iOS and Android that helps businesses establish direct contact with their clients using the major advantages of blockchain technology. Our number one objective is to remove all intermediaries between companies and customers, including marketing agencies and social networks, regardless of their location or origin.”

Sessia continues, “We offer brands a revolutionary new approach to advertising, which they can use to work directly with their clients, spend their advertising budgets on them, and reward them with cryptocurrency cashback anywhere in the world.” It has achieved this by combining the ease of trade made possible via online economies with a dedicated and customized social network that encourages all involved parties to participate in transactions with each other. Customers and businesses may learn more by connecting with Sessia on their Facebook page. Sessia utilizes the blockchain to ensure that these transactions are secure—and the decentralized nature of the technology ensures that Sessia itself can maintain a high degree of transparency with its users.

Businesses are able to do something good with marketing budgets if they wish, given that each purchase a customer makes effectively functions as a call to action that encourages their friends to make purchases with the same company. While the business still has to (indirectly) make an investment that will be expressed in the form of cashback and kickbacks. Sessia simply allows them to make that investment in its own customers rather than in marketing intermediaries with questionable efficiency value. The company states,

“Brands get an easy and extremely convenient mobile solution to create an online store with a built-in crypto cashback system. Offline shops can use the cashback to increase their customer base, attract new types of customers, and drastically cut down on marketing costs.”

In fact, some businesses have reported an increase of 34% in customer retation rates, while reducing the overall cost per acquisition (CPA) by 11.7%. This can be largely contributed to the fact that business marketing dollars are spent directly with the consumer, not on advertising or an attempt to garner new business.

Another benefit of Sessia’s unique platform is that customers gain the ability to receive cashback and kickbacks when they or their friends make purchases through the application. For instance, those who purchase a good or service after seeing a recommendation on the app (due to a friend’s purchase and so on) will receive a cashback, which effectively reduces how much they have to spend. Conversely, customers also get kickbacks when their friends make purchases based on their recommendations, which applies a discount to future purchases. In short, the business gets promotions across social circles every time a transaction is made and customers receive more buying power within the platform. Sessia also rewards those who distribute the platform, known as kickers, with a form of non-crypto based digital currency known as kicks. They explain that “Kickers obtain additional awards in kicks for engaging new brands and clients to work with Sessia.”

Participants in the Sessia network should note that the company believes that any enterprise with the potential Sessia wields should be committed to ethical conduct in every aspect of their management of, and interaction with, their users. Sessia affirms, “We strictly adhere to principles of transparency, integrity, and effective management, and we are committed to developing Sessia and increasing the capitalization of kicks.” Sessia plans to maintain this priority as they grow through their partnerships with local businesses, consumers, and other organizations like Klaytn, Ground X, and Kakao.

Those who wish to learn more may contact Sessia or read more about Sessia’s goals and capabilities can do so by visiting their website or connecting with the company via their social media channels.

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