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The Bears May Continue to Dominate Ethereum Classic Tomorrow


Ethereum Classic saw a dip as low as $6.40 on 11-Sep-19. With a couple of rises, it reached $6.55 on the same day at 21:53 UTC. The next day, it continued to trade at the same price of $6.54. However, it has not been able to maintain stability there, and since 12-Sep-19 it has shown a decline in prices. Due to a sharp fall, ETC touched $6.25 yesterday. While writing this analysis, the movement for the coin was bearish.

ETC Price Chart:

Ethereum Classic Price Chart

ETC Comparison and Prediction for the Long Term:

As compared to yesterday’s low price point near $6.25, ETC at present indicates an increase of around 1%.

It seems that the coin will not be able to rise further and may even touch $6.21 by tomorrow. After about a week or so, it can be traded close to $6.45.


As per today’s trend, analysts suggest selling the ETC coins in hand. You can wait for a few days’ time post which one can invest in purchasing new coins. ETC will be traded today in the range of $6.133 and $6.210. It is advisable to trade in the coin from a long term purpose as it can reach around $7 by the year-end. By 2021, ETC may be traded at a price of $8.29 with more than 34% growth.

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