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GigaFX: A multi-asset trading platform


The success factor in online trading depends upon many factors and choosing the right kind of trading platform is one of the important criteria to get healthy returns. While choosing the trading platform, make sure you take a close look at the application and services of the platform and then make an informed decision. Many of the trading platforms out there might not come across as a genuine option, although some like GigaFX is worth taking a shot. GigaFX is not a very old name in the trading industry and many of us might have apprehension that the platform has just started a year ago in 2018. However, it is equally true that within a short period, the company has scaled new heights of popularity while providing the highest level of customer service. One of the reasons which have been instrumental behind the success of GigaFX is the large variety of financial assets that you can trade on the platform. The choice is not only limited to commodities and stocks but also includes the likes of cryptocurrency and indices. Let us look in detail what are the different financial assets that you can trade on GigaFX:

1) Indices

Without actually owning the specific stocks, you can benefit from the upward and downward movement of the various financial markets across the globe thanks to the access to indices on the GigaFX platform. It is one of the most popular categories in the financial assets and you can use this option to maximize your gains at very competitive charges.

2) Commodities

The option of trading in the commodities is quite attractive and becomes even more significant at a time when other financial assets go through the high level of volatility. The primary commodities traders use to deal in include gold and oil. These have the potential to give you a decent return even as other assets tend to behave unpredictably. Here the value-added services provided by GigaFX in terms of various kinds of educational and training tools will help you to make the right investment decision.

3) Forex

Another popular category Forex features high on the list of traders across the globe. You can trade by choosing from a large number of trading currency pairs as GigaFX provides direct access to the margins and that too at a competitive price.

4) Cryptocurrency

Although this financial asset ranks higher on the instability and volatility, still there is no taking away the fact that digital coins are one of the most popular trading categories for the investors today. Unlike some other trading platforms which offer only Bitcoin as a trading option, GigaFX has also got Ethereum and Litecoin on the list in addition to Bitcoin for the trader. To further enhance the convenience, GigaFX offers flexible size on contract and high leverage facilities.

5) Stocks

GigaFX offers users the convenience of investing in a variety of stock options and the best part is the competitive rate at which one can trade the stocks. The commission rates are quite low and the options of high leverage make the GigaFX an ideal destination to trade in stocks.

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