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Lolli an online Shopping Application Expands its Services Across 900 Retail Locations


Lolli a Bitcoin rewards application that allows customers to earn top cryptocurrency bitcoin whenever they purchase items online is significantly growing its services across various locations. The initial objective of Lolli app is to allow users to earn bitcoin easily and share the top cryptocurrency among various people.

The Lolli online shopping app is taking big moves in 2019; recently, it partnered with Safeway-the largest US supermarket chain to give back a specific amount of bitcoin to users on their online purchases. The news was revealed on 26th July 2019. Just after this, Lolli is expanding its services across 900 retail places, thus shifting its services from the internet.

Safeway is a subsidiary of Albertsons, recently which Lillo collaborated with.

CEO of Lolli Company, Alex Adelman was with Yahoo! Finance for an interview on Thursday, during which he revealed about Lolli app’s partnership with Safeway-US based. The new partnership allows users to order groceries, pharmacy products, or beauty products online and pick them up at

While in an interview with a crypto source news outlet, CEO Adelman told that we noticed a request from customers to earn the world’s top cryptocurrency Bitcoin for daily expenses such as pharmacy and food.

The customers through the collaboration receive around 3.5 percent in bitcoin currency by purchasing items online, which the CEO Adelman thinks as a “rail to get bitcoin to the masses.”

As per Lolli Company’s record, around 40 percent of customers of Lolli are new to digital currency.

The Lolli online shopping app was launched in September 2018 and headquartered at New York. Lolli -just a 10-month-old company has collaborated with 750 retailers online. Lolli is the first of kind Bitcoin rewards application firm that allows users to earn and hold bitcoin when they purchase online. The company has teamed up with more than 500 leading brands in order to scale sales. Some of the leading retailers it partnered are Walmart, Priceline Macys, Casper, Hilton, Sephora, Godaddy, Marriott Bonvoy, and others.

A cosmic, the previous company of Adelman was purchased by Ebate an eCommerce company, so we understand the retailers and recognize the business product better, the CEO stated.

According to Adelman’s prediction, the average customers received $26 in bitcoin, until now, after shopping, the value of the rewards might be computed in a few minutes or take a few days. Basically, the computation takes around 30 to 90 days-time for the refund to process, Lolli customers should wait till the return period ends.

CEO Adleman refused to reveal the revenue projections of Lillo. However, mentioned Lolli receives a percentage of every sale, and then they divide that percent with customers, transfer bitcoin to the customer’s Lolli wallet.

The Lolli firm supported by popular venture capital companies such a Bain Capital Ventures, Digital Currency Group, and others.

Lolli application can be accessed through Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. The company does not have a mobile application but rather plans to launch a native mobile app in the days to come with advanced features.

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