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Eterbase Partners With Binance Chain Alliance


Eterbase has partners with the Binance Chain Alliance to allow the transition process to Binance Chain through several projects. The aim of the partnership between Eterbase and Binance Chain Alliance is to provide support by means of financing, technology, network introductions, and Know Your Customer (KYC).

According to reports, Eterbase’s participation in Binance Chain Alliance is voluntary and all participants are keen to extend support to Binance Blockchain Projects.

Binance Chain Alliance family has gradually made inroads in the blockchain community. The family includes leading developers, organizations, and companies who have assembled under one roof to build a potential blockchain-powered ecosystem.

Eterbase believes that its main goals can be achieved in a broad environment where various developers and projects have teamed up. The partnership between Eterbase and Binance Chain Alliance is in search for an alliance with governments, FinTech companies, corporations, and developers in blockchain technology.

The sole motive of the partnership is to build a huge blockchain-powered ecosystem that will help in boosting the ability of both developed and developing economies to encourage the use of cryptocurrencies.

Eterbase will focus on supplying and supporting the crucial technological knowledge required for building Stablecoins (limited to a specific area) and fiat currencies. Eterbase will also provide its partner Binance China ecosystem with four crucial technological design solution to prevent the issues that existed in other blockchain projects of similar nature.

Eterbase has expressed its happiness about this new collaboration with Binance Chain Alliance. The organization feels that this step will help the company to achieve its goal of consistently develop the platform and introduce latest features and experiences to the FinTech users. The company desires to develop the Binance Chain Alliance, a leading open-source software project all over the world.

Eterbase team also acknowledged Cubiex through their CEO Pierre Cahine who proved instrumental in making this alliance happen. Cubiex recognized the approach of Eterbase to blockchain technology solutions and found it fit to become a part of Binance Chain Alliance. Cubiex happened to be the creator of Binance Chain Alliance.

Eterbase has emerged as a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform with sheer aim to provide multi-asset support and regulatory compliance. It offers a wide range of B2C and B2B cryptocurrency-specialized solutions.

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