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EOS Price Demonstrates Uptrend in Price Movement

  • EOS exhibits bullish run for the intraday traders.
  • The price upsurge is anticipated to stay for a while.

EOS is back at $3.12 after having a rough patch near $2.5. The past few months have been very disturbing for the traders. The entire market felt a similar pullback. The long-awaited upsurge is likely to enter the market. The recent volatility also invited second thought amongst traders, but it looks like the same would start the price rally. Let’s have a look at the intraday chart of EOS.

EOS to USD Price Chart:

The data feed is gathered from Bitfinex on October 9, 2019, at 11:44:09 UTC for price analysis.

EOS Price

EOS started with a slight drop in yesterday’s chart. The price shifted from $3.19 to $3.16 by 0.71%. Later, the price jumped to $3.2 by 2.82%. The market pressure brought it down to $3.1 by 3.27%. There was a slight recovery of 1.52% which took it to $3.19. There was another fall of 2.13% that brought it down to $3.13. The escalation took it up to $3.17 by 1.41%. The intraday loss was by 0.56%. Today, the currency started with a slight uptrend, but soon was seen dealing with 2.12% loss at $3.12. The escalation has taken the price up to $3.2 by 3.03%.

EOS Price Prediction:

The last week has caused quite a bit of chaos in the market. However, if we look deeply, then there is a moderate upsurge observed in EOS. On October 1, 2019, the price of EOS was at $2.96. The price kept hovering around $3. The market cap recorded yesterday was at $2,969,980,622. Today, the market cap is noted as $2,982,601,060. The circulating supply is at 935,131,072 EOS. The 24hr volume is noted as $1,312,207,375. The ROI is noted as 209.26%. The data is indicating that the coin is all geared up for the price rally. Investment in EOS has always resulted positively and we are expecting that the currency would maintain its reputation in the coming time too. The best-suited investment plan for EOS would be for the long term. Though the short term investment might also be giving the desired return.

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