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Bit100: A Sneak Peek Into a Captivating Crypto Trading Platform


Apart from exchanges, a prominent entity in crypto space is the crypto trading platform. One such digital money based trading platform that is gaining traction from some of the crypto whales is Bit100.

The most basic concept behind Bit100, the trading platform is to simplify the trading process for the crypto traders. In its operations, Bit100 maintains an emphasis on the ease in the trading process. While ensuring hassle-free trading, it also makes sure that the customers are experiencing benefits from extremely advanced technology from the platform. With that, Bit100 claims itself to be easy to use, fast and a secure trading platform.

With Bit100, one can trade his or her crypto assets with flexibility, as the trading platform serves all kinds of traders, starting from small scale to the big ones. Basically, it offers three types of accounts for trading on the platform, having sight of different customer needs in mind. The three types of accounts are namely, Classic, Platinum, and VIP.

If we get into the details of ‘Classic’ accounts, it is a perfect service from Bit100, specifically for those who have just started to get into the crypto space through trading. As the website marks, Classic accounts are leveraged for the beginners, who will initially trade in a bit conservative way. Stepping into the trading world, these beginners can gain experience and further knowledge in order to make it big in the crypto trading space. The minimum funding limit for this account is 0.1 BTC. the classic accounts will provide Customer Support using E-mails only, as the website shows.

While discussing the second type of accounts, that is termed as ‘Platinum,’ we can say it is an account designed for the traders with enough practice in the field. And now they are ready to apply their skills in trading on Bit100 platform through the Platinum Account. Along with customer support, the Platinum accounts will also cater the customer with a Personal Account Manager too. Bit100 has set the minimum funding limit for such account at 3 BTC.

As the name indicates, VIP accounts are exceptionally designed for High Volume Traders and Investors. Traders with confidence and immense experience can flourish their investment and trading activity with VIP accounts. This kind of accounts enable investors to utilize more of the tools and features. The special feature of VIP accounts includes One-on-one Training, Expert Advisor and Fixed Spreads, etc. Notably, the minimum funding limit for VIP accounts stands at 30 BTC.

Moreover, Bit100 is aimed to offer transparent, swift and accessible financial structure. The trading also claims to have the lowest trading fees in the market.

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