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UTRUST Integrates Support For Dash Cryptocurrency


To enable the mainstream customer adoption for cryptocurrencies, UTRUST, a Fintech startup company, has integrated support for the Dash cryptocurrency. As per the announcement made by Sanja Kon, the Vice President of UTRUST, this integration will ensure secure payment options to nine million users, registered for Whow games (a German-based online casino portal).

Whow Games is the first UTRUST merchant that has launched Dash cryptocurrency for online purchases and payments. After the integration, casino enthusiasts are finding it easier and hassle-free to play free online games without any risk of fraud. The game uses “virtual chips” to play it for free. It has 12 notable games including merker24.com and Jackpot.de that are extensively favored by casino players.

Referring to this collaboration, Jan Heinrich Meyer, the CEO of Dash Embassy said, “It’s great to see UTRUST recognizing DASH as a major cryptocurrency and integrating us on their platform. With a transaction speed of one second and over 15,000 transactions per day, Dash offers a global and highly efficient service. Our aim to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency payments and promote the future of digital assets perfectly aligns with UTRUST’s own mission so we’re pleased to partner with the platform and unite in our common objectives.”

The global Dash community is now able to use cryptocurrencies to purchase various products and/or services from the growing merchant network of UTRUST.  It now spans over a wide range of products including sports merchandise, luxury items, electronics, cosmetics and now online casino games.

Previously, Whow games had a negative reputation for being the most notorious online gaming portal involving fraud cases in terms of high chargeback rates on credit card payments. However, with UTRUST, the users don’t have to worry about chargeback rates.

UTRUST also initiates the permission to use four other digital currencies apart from Dash, like Bitcoin, Ether, DigiByte, and UTK which is UTRUST’s native cryptocurrency. Its ultimate focus lies on bringing up the use of cryptocurrency on the mainstream. This can be achieved by providing fast, reliable, convenient and inexpensive crypto transactions, which the consumers will fully welcome with open arms.

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