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Turkish Bahcesehir University Opens up Blockchain Center at Boston’s Northeastern University


BlockchainIST, is the first university powered by Blockchain was launched by Turkey a year ago. With this Turkey is trying to establish more blockchain centers across various parts of the country. Now it has opened another blockchain center at the Northeastern University of Boston.

Bahcesehir University (BAU) of Turkey stated that blockchain center has been inaugurated at the Boston’s Northeastern University (NEU) to offer informational help relating the blockchain technology, a source reported it on May 7th 2019.

Boston’s Northeastern University is one of the popular universities on new innovation networks. Turkey will use BAU-NEU Blockchain Laboratory Centre to offer information support to the American university over the blockchain technology.

In addition to this, the BAU-NEU Laboratory’s aim is to apply for funds in countries such as the European Union (EU), Turkey and the United States. This will eventually benefit Turkey to grow its competitive strength in the blockchain powered market and even to attract experts from across the globe, who wishes to practice in the blockchain field.

Over the collaboration, Chairman of the BAU Board of Trustees, Enver Yucel responded saying that he was delighted to work with Boston’s Northeastern University. He is planning to start Master and Doctoral education programs based on blockchain technology in association with the Turkish Exporter’s Assembly and wants more people to have doctorates degree and hopeful to achieve great things through this partnership.

He added:

“If you can manage science globally, a nice synergy emerges.  I have seen this in American universities. They have labs all over the world, and we must have them as well.”

There is no such university in the world that can come up with almost everything perfect, he noted a bit later. After which, we thought of entering the world which is more powerful in a specific area.

BAU BlockchainIST Center’s Director, Bora Erdamar said that Blockchain technology will directly impact all the sectors including from logistics to trade, from energy to agriculture, from education to health wherein we need to maintain information of users and our products in a secure place.

Enver Yucel thanked Ismail Gulle, chairman of Turkish Exporter’s Assembly for his contribution from the beginning. The industry needs to know what we are doing and also we need to know what the industry is doing, Yucel added.

Northeastern University Professor, Tomasso Melodia mentioned that well skilled and amazing team has been created with BAU. They believe in collaborations, and the objective is to offer the ability to use less energy over the internet and to safeguard the wireless communication of people and objects.

The educational institutions are getting attracted to blockchain technology and are trying to implement it within their university. Just recently, Yonsei and Pohang, South Korean based Universities have teamed to design Blockchain based Campus by using its own digital currency.

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