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Now Buy Video Game Keys with Bitcoin Cash


Keys4coins is an online platform which is providing license keys for video games for payments made in Bitcoin cash. This is an interesting step as it makes the younger demographic start spending in Bitcoin cash to help in stabilizing the cryptocurrency. The platform offers the license keys for major game hosting platforms like Steam, Origin, and Uplay.

Gamers can have access to their digital keys as soon as the payment is made, with zero-confirmation transactions. This would make it faster and easier for gamers to have a license. Since there’s a cryptocurrency involved, the chances of security are increased, and there are fewer chances of a loss.

The unique proposition they offer that could potentially drive the gamers from the game developers’ official websites to their platform is the relatively cheaper prices for the licenses the gamers would get.

Other Crypto option for Payment

The Keys4coins platform offers other modes of crypto payments that the gamers can use for the licenses. These options are Doge, Monero, and Dash. It would help in increasing the awareness of the seamless possibilities of cryptocurrencies among the younger demographics as more of these younger people are becoming high spenders.

An increase in the awareness of cryptocurrency in the youth would make them want to make more transactions in cryptocurrencies and eventually increase the crypto economy many folds. This helps in making the crypto assets more stable, and with the rising stability of the Bitcoin, it seems possible in the near future.

Bitcoin cash is also offering various offers for major gaming outlets to compel more gamers to buy their game keys from the Keys4coins platform rather than the official websites. The combined efforts of these companies are bound to bear fruit for their labors when they see the surge of these enthusiasts in the crypto space.

If more platforms like these come up with engaging ways to create use cases for cryptocurrencies, they would act as catalysts for the transformations of the economy from the traditional to the decentralized model based on the crypto.

Future implications of these events

All these little events have an overall bigger impact on the economy and build on it to make sure that the foundation of it all is securely sustained. These companies can also act as black box tests for cryptocurrencies to understand what works and what not before these currencies could become truly mainstream.

Until that happens, we get to observe and analyse the workings of these companies and make sure we are noting down we see because, in the long run, these transactions and use cases would serve as case studies for future investments.

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