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Trade 99 – Creating Account Based On Initial Funding Amount; Explained!


Trade99 offers its customers leveraged, crypto asset trading services. Enrollment in the A Category empowers its clients to access Financial Commission’s protection services. The commission gives brokerage and Mediation services to their clients, especially for solving issues where the two parties failed to agree.

Leveraged cryptocurrency trading feature offers the client, the prospect of trading by empowering the customer to trade transparently without owning the digital money, or any related asset. This sensation gives the customer to get acquainted with the complexities of the exchange without feeling overburdened about the commitment regarding crypto.Trade99 offers five types of leveraged digital currency trading. They are Soft Commodities Trading, Indices, Precious metals exchanging, Energy Commodities, and last, is Cryptocurrency exchange.

Trade99 appreciates how activities have advanced in trading. To make crypto trading less complicated and continuously efficient, this platform offers traders a decent scope of flexibility in selecting the devices for trading. This platform can be utilized in desktop or mobile, which has been verified by Trade99. The exchanging options for devices are Android Trading App, iPhone Trading App, and Tablet trading App.

Creating an account in Trade99

When the trading has been established, depositing the needed funds is basic and secure. Funds will show up on client trading account within minimum time. All exchanges are communicated utilizing secure socket layer technology guaranteeing that the data is safe.

Depositing funds

After creating the account, the user can log in to his account, click the deposit button and need to select the preferred deposit method. The user needs to fill out the financial details as requested. Once the deposit is confirmed, the user will receive a deposit confirmation email, where the user will be able to see the updated balance.

Type of payment methods

  • Credit card deposits
  • Bitcoin deposits
  • Bank wire transfer deposits

Credit card deposits

Depositing funds with credit card is simple and easy, and the funds are immediately deposited in the user trading account. Moreover, the withdrawal takes 2 to 3 working days for the credit card organization to process, and there might be expenses related to withdrawals by the credit card organization.

Bitcoin deposit

The user needs to select the deposit option and select the Cryptocurrency which needs to be deposited. The user needs to ensure that the Cryptocurrency fulfills the minimum deposit requirements, which is already specified in the page. If the user is depositing crypto for the first time, he needs to generate a new deposit address. When the user initiates a valid transaction, from the deposit, it will be credited to the user account when the minimum number of required confirmations has reached.

Bank wire transfers

Bank wire transfers are the quickest method to deposit large amounts of funds like 50,000 USD. However, it might take as long as five days to see funds in the trading account and bank expenses to happen.

Moreover, Trade99 regards its clients as its most excellent resource. Its main goal is to give phenomenal support to its clients in the trading system. Additionally, trade99 offers the best competitive costs in the area of exchanging and has the best client support team in the business. Their commitment to quality is supplemented by a developing focus on the trading needs of its clients.

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