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THORChain Announced The Public Testing of BEPSwap Alpha-Testnet


A couple of weeks back, ThorChain announced the adoption of BEPSwap into its system. It is a layer 2 Decentralizing Finance application that allows holders to swap their BEP2 tokens directly from their wallets.

ThorChain is now ready for the public testing with the first BEPSwap Alpha-Testnet. It will allow the users to view pools for swapping, view pools for staking, add a wallet, view assets in their digital wallet, swap assets between supported partners, and also send assets to any testBNB id.

The test server is live; their team is looking for public users who are willing to test their service under the BEPSwap Alpha-Testnet and also report the details of the bugs and flaws in the user interface. Anyone wants to try the BEPSwap, can go to the Telegram channel @bepswapbot and ask for the instructions.

This is the first alpha test for the BEPSwap, so users might experience some difficulty in using the service, but the platform will certainly get better with the time. THORChain team has also set the bounties, that can help to win something at the end.

The THORChain developers are quite excited about this BEPSwap project. They are working hard to build the mainnet; the team might soon add more features such as staking, withdrawing, creating new pools, improved trading interface, integration of the user data page, and the network data page.

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