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BitAsset Exchange Enters into a Partnership with Dashpay


BitAsset, one of the top digital asset exchanges, headquartered at Taiwan, has announced its partnership with Dashpay. The new alliance between Dashpay and BitAsset intends to introduce the Chinese currency Yuan and the Taiwanese currency Dollar into the crypto market. This alliance was negotiated by the Dash Next team, which is an adoption team funded by the Dash Treasury. Dash accessibility and adoption will get a new aim with this partnership between Dash and BitAsset.

BitAsset supports three kinds of fiat deposits that include US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and Taiwanese Yuan. BitAsset users are allowed to deposit their assets on any platform that is recognized by the cryptocurrency exchange.

Notably, BitAsset becomes the first cryptocurrency platform that intends to offer the three fiat dominated trading pairs, namely, Dash/USDT, Dash/TWD, and Dash/CNYT. Dash/TWD and Dash/CYNT along with the Taiwanese Dollar and Chinese Yen respectively opened up support for the Dash users who previously did not get any privileges to do crypto transactions.

With this partnership, the Dash deposits (like 3xbit, Bvnex, DigiGinex, OKEx and Panda exchanges, etc.) are considered as confirmed by the BitAsset exchange, thereby, reducing the deposit processing time.

Coinbase Pro, a US-based exchange also added Dash and recognized its deposits as confirmed, just after two confirmations which are a big achievement for Dash. This will help Dash in enhancing its prospects as the β€œtrader’s coin.”

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