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Sony and Fujitsu to Trial Blockchain for Educational Record Integrity


As per the news was formally reported in a press release from Fujitsu, IT equipment facilities firm Fujitsu and the instruction units of Japanese international corporation Sony and are to make use of blockchain technology for enhancing the truthfulness of course grade information and records.

The trial comes through a joint collaboration among Sony Global Education and Fujitsu Limited, Human Academy as well as Fujitsu Research Institute have been a language faculty for international students in Japan. Potential foreign apprentices contributing in the blockchain trial will comprehensively do a course, called as Nihongo Dojo, that prepares them to pass the Nihongo Kentei, a Japanese language ability test.

For the joint inventiveness, Fujitsu will offer its branded digital learning platform, called as Fishdom, for contributing students. The IT giant will also deliver Sony Global Education with blockchain cloud services that will be used to confirm and accomplish course information and records relating to the student’s presentation.

The press release outlines that the Nihongo Dojo course will be taken via the Fidsom online platform ahead of students’ acceptance of their study abroad program:

“The course platform [Fisdom] will collect data including test scores, Japanese conversational ability, and study time, and store them on a blockchain as a certificate. Human Academy […] will be able to accurately grasp the language ability of individual students based on this highly reliable data, by comparing the certificate data on the blockchain with the educational certificates submitted by the prospective students.”

Fujitsu Research Institute will underwrite to experiment by assessing the requirements of enlightening organizations and suggesting commercial models for application in the future.

As per Fujitsu

“promote the utilization of blockchain throughout the educational field, and aims for a future society in which data associated with an individual’s learning can be utilized safely and securely beyond the framework of companies and educational institutions.”

The platform can collect a myriad of data on students before coming back to Japan, together with take a look at scores, Japanese informal ability and study time alongside different data designed to supply a correct summary of the coaching undertaken.

The course students can take, referred to as Nihongo Dojo, is provided by instructional Venture business firm., an academic computer code service company based in 1997, with the target of bridging Japan and therefore the remainder of the planet. The course can offer Nihongo Kentei Japanese language qualifications through Fujitsu’s Fisdom on-line category platform.

Because the coaching is completed primarily through digital means that, and on Fujitsu’s platform, everything the scholar will be simply machine-driven and secured with the blockchain.

Sony isn’t any unknown to mistreatment blockchain for instructional certificate integrity. In 2016, the corporate developed a secure platform for sharing coaching proficiency on a blockchain.

The target of the system was similar to this trial: to extend transparency and trust for instructional record keeping. The corporate explained at the time that with new instructional paradigms, innovation’s expected to supply additional ways to style tests and appraise individuals.

According to the businesses concerned within the trial, the system also will enable businesses and restrictive organizations to avoid the necessity for work like written certificates as a result of language proficiency claims will be checked against the digital platform and paper documents needn’t be attested.

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