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Siacoin Trades with a Bearish Trend; Loses almost 13% in a Week


Siachain’s v1.4.1.1 has been released recently; the latest version is a hotfix one with several bug fixes. The chain has urged users to update to the latest version, especially those who rent on the network. Further, another version is also on the way; this will focus on the issue of transaction propagation that has been impacting the network for quite some time.

Siacoin Price Comparison:

Siacoin Price Chart

As a standard procedure, let’s look at the price variation of the altcoin throughout 25-days. Following that, on September 01, Siacoin (SC) was trading around 0.00182261 USD. However, today, its value declined by a margin of 12.32% during the above mentioned time frame. In the weekly trading, it broke down by a fraction of 13.25% from 0.001842 USD on September 20. In stark contrast, the coin showed a marginal strengthening of 0.19% in intraday trading. Yesterday, it opened at 0.001560 USD and closed around 0.001563 USD.

The trading action in Siacoin resembles in the BTC. Currently, Bitcoin has a negative sentiment and so does SC. For now, the coin is facing immediate resistance at 0.001648 USD and support at 0.001476 USD.

Currently, Siacoin is facing a bearish trend after 3 weeks of bullish action. The coin is expected to gain some momentum soon. For now, buying and holding is the call.

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