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AMPnet Announces Alliance with Greenpeace


AMPnet has announced today that it has decided to ally with Greenpeace. AMPnet has become a popular white-label platform for managing energy cooperatives and communities. Greenpeace is a leading global company with over 30 lakhs members. It generates a whopping $300 million in revenue every year for arranging non-violent protests and inclusive solutions and conservation policies for environment-related issues.

As soon as the partnership gets effective, Greenpeace is expected to use AMPnet’s crowdfunding base for funding renewable energy power plants all across the globe. AMPnet has divulged that it will also be running its investment and technology base on æternity blockchain.

As of now, AMPnet caters to the vast $50 billion per year energy communities market, which includes citizens who love to invest in renewable energy and trading electricity. The citizens make the investments among themselves and plan to computerize the procedure as it is largely manual. Right now a large number of communities are way too small and cannot produce their own software. Therefore, AMPnet has decided to develop a white-label solution to offer automatic and digital customer onboarding, billing, crowd investing, electrical trading, and billing.

Now AMPnet with its compact solution has managed to simplify the whole process right from investing in renewable energy projects to governance, payment, reporting, and voting on project development.

Mislav Javor, Founder of AMPnet, said,

AMPnet provides tools for the modern energy supply and modern energy customer. Partnering with Greenpeace, a world-renowned trailblazer in renewable energy solutions is an absolute honor, and we are thrilled to lend our technology and investment platform to help fund more renewable energy power plants around the world.

AMPnet allows users to computerize project funding and use the social media market and other important sharing equipment. It has also automated billing and transactions. Now users will be able to access the international cooperatives market and exchange with great ease. It has been powered by æternity blockchain. It has the capacity to offload the progress of electricity management systems. AMPnet also makes sure to attain tax and legal conformity for investors and allows single-click investment traceability and reporting requirements to members.

It is expected that AMPnet will highlight its technology at æternity Univers One, which is the first and foremost conference devoted to the æternity Blockchain’s ever-rising ecosystem. It took place during September 20-21 this year in Prague. The key highlights included AMPnet’s progress ever since it participated in Æ Ventures’ Starfleet Accelerator program. AMPnet received a whopping $100,000 in investment.

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