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Radical Drop of Around 24% Takes ETC to Trade With a Total Bearish Outlook


ETC recently tweeted about their long-term roadmap that will help the investors to connect and interoperate in vertical and horizontal crypto stack. The investors are hoping to see a notable upsurge in the price of ETC soon.

ETC to USD Price Analysis:

Analyzing the trend of the past 5 days we see that the coin was initially trading at the highest of the said time frame at $5.062 on September 25. The value then dropped by 6.87% on the same day at 12:15 UTC, trading at $4.714. With enough volatility, the value bounced back and increased by 6.81% on the same day.

Later, the value dropped by 8.87% drastically on September 27 at 15:05 UTC, trading at $4.587. The value then escalated by 6.28% on September 28 at 07:15 UTC with the trading value of $4.871. From then, the value is dropped by 6.46% as of now.

Ethereum Price Chart

ETC trades under the solid ‘buy’ phase which is a positive intimation for the potential investors to join in the network.

Short-Term Prognosis:

Supporting the short-term prognosis, ETC was firstly trading at the peak price but currently has dipped at an average trading level.

Long-Term Prognosis:

The long-term investment still demands an on-point analysis of the trend and the market in order to take a wise trade decision.

The calculated resistance and support levels are as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $4.7, R2: $4.81, R3: $4.92

Support Levels:

S1: $4.48, S2: $4.37, S3: $4.26

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