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PayPal Opens Up Regarding the Launch of Libra Cryptocurrency


The modern facility system of digital payments helps you to open a bank account, pay your bills, credit facilities, transfer amount, and even you can buy a stock. Still, this modern facility does not provide service to everyone. More than 1.7 billion people in this world are without this facility and pay a cost of 7% or more for any money transaction.

Facebook is the one who is set to provide this facility through its blockchain-based payment system Libra, which is likely to be launched in 2020.

PayPal is cautious about the future of Libra, the blockchain-based payment platform of Facebook, as Libra is scheduled to introduce under the supervision of the digital payment giant.

Central banks, the government and regulators are giving opinions against Facebook about its cryptocurrency platform Libra as the regulation related questions remain unaddressed.

Facebook, the social media giant, revealed its plans for Libra in June, which will be launched in 2020. Also, updates are emerging that it will be supported by a lot of currency assets.

Gabrielle Rabinovitch, the vice president of investors’ relations at PayPal, expressed regarding the California-based company “Libra Association” that it is a “ non-binding commitment.”

She further added that a lot of work needs to be done before the launch of this exciting idea.

The Geneva-based non-profit association of Libra will survey the blockchain-based coin to maintain the real-world asset reserve while maintaining its exact value firmly.

Facebook has imagined Libra as its new global cryptocurrency, who promises to deliver a fixed virtual currency that will be available in smartphones so that it can bring billions of unbanked customers into the same financial system.

PayPal is the most trusted payment platform for most of the customers globally, which allows transferring hundreds of billions of dollars annually between its migrants and their loved ones in their home countries.

Rabinovitch said that the ambition of Libra is dependent on PayPal in order to serve the billions of people who are excluded from the modern financial facility and equalizing access to capital. She further said that PayPal believes in the potential of Libra.

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