OmiseGO News

Working as one of the finest cryptocurrencies and open payment settlement platforms designed on the Ethereum blockchain, OmiseGo is the creation of a leading venture-backed payments firm, Omise. The OmiseGo news states that it works as a decentralized exchange, liquidity provider solution, clearinghouse messaging network, and asset-pegged blockchain network. The latest OmiseGo news reveals that the OmiseGo (OMG) network was designed, keeping in mind to enrich the customers with a secured and reliable interface for providing real-time and peer-to-peer payments. OmiseGo news today brags about the excellent features of the OmiseGo eWallet Suite, which aids users in creating and integrate a revolutionary interface for a variety of digital transactions. The news on OmiseGo reveals that the total supply for the cryptocurrency is 140,245,398 OMG. The OmiseGo price news indicates the highest OmiseGo price of USD 28.35 on January 8, 2018. OmiseGo latest news records the lowest drop in the OMG coin value on July 16, 2017, when its price rolled at USD 0.319695. As per the OmiseGo latest news, today predicts that the coin will enjoy a slow and steady price growth and boost in market capitalization rate in the coming years. The OmiseGo coin has managed to establish itself as strong competition in the crypto market by entering as an asset in 75 leading crypto exchanges. The current OmiseGo news suggests that the coin is available for buying and selling in an array of trading pairs on exchanges like ZB, DigiFinex, OKEx, BitMart, etc.