Ethereum Classic News

Ethereum Classic is a globally-acclaimed open-source blockchain platform that is a result of a hard fork of the main Ethereum blockchain network. The cryptocurrency is available under the ticker name of ETC. The Ethereum Classic news reports state that owing to a hack of a third-party project, the Ethereum Foundation launched the new version of the Ethereum mainnet on July 20, 2016, to compensate for the damage created by the loss of millions of stolen Ethers, during the incident. By implementing an irregular state change, the firm aimed to remove the DAO theft imprints from Ethereum history. Ethereum Classic (ETC) coin is seen as a potential investment by investors and traders worldwide. The news on Ethereum Classic coin available on the website revealed the total supply value for the coin as 116,313,299 ETC. The Ethereum Classic price news facts showcase that the ETC coin enjoyed its highest price of USD 47.77 on December 21, 2017. The Latest Ethereum Classic news recorded the lowest Ethereum Classic price value of USD 0.452446 on July 25, 2016. The current Ethereum Classic news depicts ETC’s strong control in the marketspace by getting listed by major cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe. The Ethereum Classic news today mentioned the successful completion of ‘Agharta’ hard fork at block No. 9,573,000 in January 2020. As per the Ethereum Classic latest news today, the ETC price will follow a bearish trend in the coming months.