Electroneum News

Shining as a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency, Electroneum made its first appearance in the domain in 2017 with a core objective to simplify the usage and management of cryptocurrencies. The ticker symbol for the revolutionary virtual currency is ETN. The Electroneum news signifies that the coin was curated with an intention to target the population at large by fostering access to cryptocurrencies on smartphones or mobile phones. The news on Electroneum reveals that the platform allows users to ‘cloud mine’ up to USD 3 worth of ETN on a monthly basis using their smartphones at their own convenience. Electroneum (ETN) news highlights the various features of the cryptocurrency app, including a smartphone crypto wallet, hassle-free mining experience, speedy transactions, etc. One can enjoy these lucrative features by downloading the free Electroneum ETN app on their mobile phones. The Electroneum latest news suggests the entry of ETN in all the major crypto exchanges across the world. ETN coin news states that the total supply of the blockchain-based currency is 21 Billion coins. As per the Electroneum price news statistics, the coin enjoyed the highest value of USD 0.236234 on November 2, 2017. The Electroneum price faced a major downfall at a price of USD 0.001428 on March 13, 2020. Latest Electroneum news showcases the firm’s strategic partnerships with leading crypto entities for expanding operations. The Electroneum news today predicted that the price of the currency is likely to have a steady growth in 2020.