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Nano Plug-in Allows Cryptocurrency Transactions in Games Built on Unreal Engine 4


Developers of cryptocurrency Nanos have built a plug-in that can be integrated with games built using Unreal Engine 4.The plug-in is still in beta version, but it is accessible for all developers on Unreal Engine 4 platform.

Wesley Shillingford, a Senior Software Developer at Nano, has released a demo of the plug-in, which shows how it allows gamers to top up their digital wallets with Nano; how they can use this Nano to pay for different games. They can buy in-game items with Nano. Users can even earn Nano while playing games, said by killing monsters, etc. They can click on in-game advertisements to earn Nano or participate in in-game challenges along with other gamers with the winner taking all the Nano at stake. Users can use the Nanos that they earn in this way to further pay for playing more games.

Shillingford expressed hope that technology would progress to a point where users would share Nanos among themselves, or buy items from other users.

Cryptocurrency also allows users to pay per play. Users can pay a certain number of Nanos for each time they play a game. Gaming firms have progressed from selling gaming consoles to allowing monthly subscription fees for individual games. Cryptocurrency can go a step further and allow users to pay only for the number of times that they play a particular game. Thus, they can distribute their Nanos over several games and play a greater variety of games for the same amount of Nanos.

The pay per play feature can also be successfully implemented in the Bitcoin dice game.

Also, parents can top up Nanos for multiple games with one credit card transaction rather than carrying out a transaction for each game. It will be helpful for users whose credit cards don’t allow small transactions. It will also save the cost of multiple transactions.

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