IOTA Advances the Bearish Trend with a 2.10% Decline in the Value

  • IOTA has been down by 2.10% in the last 24 hours.
  • The next resistance is expected to come at 0.2861 USD.

IOTA continues to trade with a bearish trend and in the last one day, it has lost 2.10%. The current trading value is now around 0.28 USD and the range of the four price swings has been between 0.2862 USD and 0.2737 USD.

IOTA Price Analysis:

IOTA Price Chart

IOTA started weakening at the very opening of the day, yesterday. Between 00:03 UTC and 09:15 UTC, it went on to lose 0.0078 USD and got placed at 0.278 USD. It was followed by a hike of 1.96% which led the coin to trade at 0.2839 USD. Later, the value got a price correction and by 16:17 UTC, it was down to 0.2737 USD, marking the lowest point of the day. However, the value could not be sustained there for long and over the next 10 hours and 25 minutes, it went on to add 0.0064 USD and reached 0.2802 USD.

In the last seven days, IOTA has witnessed an overall growth trend. It started the week near 0.277 USD and the lowest point for the coin this week is 0.2717 USD. The current value above 0.28 USD is one of the highest points for Iota.

IOTA Price Prediction:

IOTA’s current price trend is at 0.28023329 USD and it is way above its both 50-day and 20-day averages. IOTA’s 20-day average is now at 0.27304948 USD and the current value is 2.63% more than that. And the 50-day average is trending at 0.26283114 USD and the current trend is now 6.62% more than the 50-day average line. IOTA may find the next resistance at 0.2861 USD.

Resistance and Support Levels

R1- $0.2861, R2- $0.2915, R3- $ 0.2961

S1- $0.2761, S2- $0.2715, S3- $0.2661

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