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Microsoft, Huawei and Venezuelan Government at Blockchain Life 2019 in Moscow


Blockchain Life 2019 takes place on October 16-17 at Moscow, Russia. It has received an overwhelming response from blockchain enthusiasts, with over 4000 tickets already sold. The speakers at the event will include representatives of various companies engaged in applying blockchain technology to different sectors as well as those currently using it. The cryptocurrency industry is the frontrunner in using blockchain technology will be represented by cryptocurrency founders, companies, investors, developers, and traders. CEOs of projects, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople from other sectors, interested in exploring blockchain technology for use cases, are also attending the cryptocurrency conference and event.

Keynote speakers include:

  1. Konstantin Goldstein: Leading technology expert at Microsoft, Russia
  2. Jorge Sebastiao: Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Huawei
  3. Venezuelan government delegation with creators of the nation’s first cryptocurrency, El Petro.

Microsoft and other leading IT companies have been working to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology in various industries. Several IT companies have developed or are developing blockchains. These blockchains can be adapted by different companies to develop use cases for their line of business. The IT companies also provide consultancy as well as blockchain solutions for companies.

Konstantin Goldstein has 16 years’ experience in the IT sector. He will speak on the “Blockchain Consortiums – New Paradigm of Enterprise Collaboration” at Blockchain Life 2019.

The European Blockchains Life programme includes speakers from top management of companies: cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, BitForex and Huobi, cryptocurrencies like TRON and Dash, Software firm Oracle, Kaspersky, Financial services firm VTB as well as next-generation technology firm IOTA which uses blockchain to record transactions between connected devices in Internet of Things (IoT) system. is the organizer of Blockchain Life 2019, and cryptocurrency exchange is a general sponsor.

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