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Link REIT and Allinfra Announce Alliance on Blockchain Technology Use


Link REIT and Allinfra have announced an alliance today seeking to join hands for the use of blockchain technology for the tokenization of assets. Both the companies have decided to begin with the pilot solar project as of now. The alliance will highlight the partnership of two companies aiming to use blockchain technology to boost the growth of demonstrable infrastructure.

The target of the pilot solar project will be to install PV Projects in the real estate assets in Hong Kong with the support of economic or linked carbon declining interests in the PV projects. They will be highlighted in the form of tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Presently, Link REIT has spread its business in retail facilities and offices all over Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. The company seeks to execute a sustainable business model and aims to achieve innovation in development, the accomplishment of sustainable solution, and financing.  Also, Allinfra has emerged as a famous developer of blockchain-based solutions and involved in the tokenization of yet to be listed infrastructure and ecological assets. Now with today’s partnership, it has become an elite partner of Link REIT’s pilot solar project. Allinfra offers required resources and technology linked to the tokenization of PV arrays on chosen rooftops in the Link REIT portfolio.

Over the years, Allinfra has gained immense experience all over the capital markets, technology, renewable resources, and infrastructure. The company is headed by a team of experienced industry professionals.

Dave Sandor, CEO and co-founder of Allinfra, said, Link REIT believes in the thought of continuous innovation and pushing limits. The company has once again highlighted its desire to be at the top position. He feels that the partnership holds great significance for Allinfra and there will be vast adoption of tokenization of assets. The partnership will also lead to application of blockchain technology.

Meanwhile, Calvin Lee Kwan, General Manager of Corporate Development & Strategy with Link REIT, noted that Link REIT is equipped with huge and motivated ESG program. Link REIT is currently exploring the capabilities of blockchain technology to produce latest and strong ESG solutions in various spheres like carbon decline and data management. With their particular information and refined asset, vast experience all over the capital markets, and their alliance with ConsenSys, Allinfra stood out in the market.

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