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Germany to Transfer most of Public Services to Blockchain Technology


Germany, throughout the years, has demonstrated a top consideration for Crypto and other digital currencies. It has taken a big leap by reporting that on September 2019, Germany is moving a large portion of the public services it provides on the Blockchain.

Moreover, it is planning to adopt Crypto to co-ordinate the public services to be used by the population and the cabinet with Blockchain. Organizations like Daimler Bosch, Commerzbank and others have maintained blockchain departments. Further, authorities like the German controller BaFin and their counterparts in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, along with the essential ministries, make an important legal reason for blockchain adaption.

Over and above, as a major aspect of the execution technique of the Crypto adoption, the German Government is truly considering the legitimization of Blockchain bonds. With this, it might accomplish a consistent glide between crypto adoption and standard digitalization.

Recently, Germany’s legislature has passed another strategy depicting the policies in which the EU state is planning to utilize blockchains. Currently, approved by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s bureau, the procedure stipulates the Governments needs in the blockchain space, like, corporate finance, securities, and digital identity. It additionally states that the state will not endure the risk to government-approved money by stablecoins like the Facebook cryptocurrency Libra.

Besides, Jens Weidmann, the President of Bundesbank, asked others to implement Libra before condemning it, while discussing Facebook Libra at the G7. Moreover, Bundesbank is the national bank of Germany, while Libra is Facebook’s digital currency that might be launched next year in 2020, yet undergoing a tough time through the regulators.

Recently, Germany’s Federal Government pronounced, that in September 2019 it will embrace the Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is one of the most discussed advancements in the economy and society.

According to a new policy by Germany, it states that it will genuinely investigate the utilization of blockchains for digital identification. Government is planning to launch a pilot venture for a blockchain-based digital identity sooner; however, no specific time allotment was given, which meant to examine the technology’s advantages in use cases like facilitating the records of civil status, passports, ID cards, and document registration.

Suffice to say; the legislature will also investigate the ways how the Distributed Ledger Technology can be utilized for, the exercise of share rights, corporate governance, serving use cases like offer settlement, the utilization of membership rights in cooperatives, and many others.

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