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Launch Alert: Blockstream Green Compatible Hardware Wallet Trezor Model T To Be Launched Soon


Hardware Wallet Trezor Model T will be launched soon and will be compatible with most platforms. The popular online wallet Blockstream Green will also support the wallet.

Hardware wallets have become more and more popular in the last few months, mainly because of the security features they boast. Since they are disconnected from the internet, it is almost impossible to hack them. And even if hackers get access to these cold storages, any funds cannot leave the wallet without the user granting permission via the physical button.

Trezor is one of the earliest hardware wallets makers in the world and is among the best ones. The company’s wallets are trusted and preferred for storing Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies by many influential personalities, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The Model T is the latest and much-awaited version of the original Trezor Wallet. It will be compatible with most platforms, including Bitcoin and Monero. The latest Trezor will also be supported by Blockstream Green, the popular Bitcoin wallet. Blockstream Green, which is famous for its enhanced security and easy usability, is expected to compliment Model T hardware wallet perfectly.

The combination allows users to enjoy cold storage of your private keys with the Model T, along with Blockstream Green’s complete suite of features and multi-signature security.

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