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Jeremy Dahan, CEO of diamDEXX, says Blockchain can be used for Storing value which helps the investors to protect their wealth long-term!


In an interview with Bitcoinist,

Jeremy Dahan, the CEO of diamDEXX, had a small chat about the role of Blockchain in the future of finance and how asset-backed tokens could make crypto more practical for everyday use.

One of the most recent organizations to enter the developing stablecoin market is diamDEXX. diamDEXX has made the DIAM coin, also built up a full-range platform where tokenized trade in Diamonds can take place. The DIAM token is attached to a known measure of real diamonds, and the diamDEXX platform lets individuals buy diamonds in the platform with the most popular cryptocurrencies.

It is difficult to state when diamonds turned out to be most sought after product; however, today, they are generally purchased and sold all around. Since diamonds have a steady value, they are an ideal method to promote the value of a stablecoin. Moreover, the way that the DIAM token can be traded for genuine diamonds through DiamDrop makes it an exceptional stablecoin.

diamDEXX foresees the ascent of cryptos as a significant prospect for investors and the public. Presently, there is a united global crypto infrastructure; platforms like diamDEXX can associate with individuals anywhere, a safe way to store their value.

Furthermore, diamDEXX originated the system of smart contracts, reviews, and other accreditation protocols which guarantees absolute transparency for those who are involved. One of the most acknowledged platforms for trading diamond internationally is IDEX, where diamDEXX allows access to anyone currently.

Succinctly Put, diamDEXX enables speculators to buy, own if required, and physically store authentic diamonds in a decentralized nature. With the advantage of dividing abilities with the blockchain protocol, diamDEXX clients can possess diamonds corresponding to how much they can manage.

This additionally implies that in the open market place, the token holders can trade their diamonds, which is all made possible by the platforms transparent and safe eco-framework. When utilizing the diamDEXX platform, users have the choice of buying Diamond promoted stable tokens, DIAMs, in return for seven distinctive cryptocurrencies.

Finally, by holding stable tokens that are promoted by an absolute value of significant worth, like diamonds, speculators can safeguard their fund’s long term, also free from the dangers of inflation too.

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