IOTA Drops by Over 5% in the Past 24 Hours


IOTA tangle was recently announced as a secure data payment transfer layer that can enable the direct M2M exchanges. This is expected to serve as a good opportunity for the users looking for a platform for M2M transfers.

IOTA to USD Price Analysis:

IOTA is currently trading at $0.2671 at 06:50 UTC as on October 4, 2019.

IOTA Price Chart

Considering the intraday movement, IOTA was initially seen trading above the baseline at $0.2825, yesterday. The value from then drastically dropped by 5.73% at 17:56 UTC, which led the coin to trade at $0.2664.

The value then slightly increased by 2.15% at 23:17 UTC, trading at $0.2721. IOTA price again dropped to the lowest touch point as of today at 04:50 UTC, trading at $0.2647, which is slightly increased by 0.94% as of now. IOTA is recently seen trending in the lower price range.

Considering the long-term investment forecast, it is predicted that the value might surge by over 50% by the end of the year, if the coin continues to have an upward momentum. IOTA can be considered as a wise investment option if the potential investor invests at present.

The calculated resistance and support levels are as follows:

Resistance Levels:

R1: $0.279815,R2: $0.287481, R3: $0.293119

Support Levels:

S1: $0.266511, S2: $0.260873, S3: $0.253207

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