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Gil Medical Center to create blockchain-based health data management solution


Blockchain technology power-driven medicinal information market Longenesis, as well as Insilico a biotech Medicine firm, have collaborated with a hospital in South Korean called as Gil Medical Center so that they could make a blockchain type well-being information management resolution. Gil Medical Center is a foremost medicinal supplier for people in South Korea.

The investigation objective is to look out for a blockchain resolution, created on Bitfury’s open-source Exonum blockchain outline which would rationalize information group and combination, recover medicinal investigation procedures and allow clear patient agreement supervision. The resolution would even look out for exact obedience requirements of such patients those like GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

Both the companies after the collaboration would aim to improve a blockchain driven policy depended on Bitfury Exonum network so that they will enlarge the competence of information gathering, increase medicinal investigation procedures and guarantee that there is a clear administration of patient permission.

Longenesis would allegedly offer a protected bionetwork for Gil Medicinal company to preserve, stock and achieve the important info of the patients letting them regulate their information together. The new system major objective is to report agreement along with Health Insurance Movability and Responsibility Act and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines as Longenesis even offers services to all over patients. Bitfury and Longenesis together had even started a new creation of agreement supervision based on a blockchain system for health business that discourses agreement with HIPAA as well as GDPR.

Garri Zmudze, CEO of Longenesis stated that “Gil General Hospital has a splendid reputation for being on the edge of adopting the latest innovation. We are honored to mark our Korean presence with a partnership like such.”

In February 2019, Bitfury had even joined hands with Medical Diagnostic Web (MDW a radiology blockchain tech to make a medicinal imaging bionetwork. This teamwork, Bitfury, MDW, and Longenesis goal to improve policy for preserving, distribution and safeguarding medicinal diagnostics and imaging info like CT scan and X-ray.

Blockchain technology is vigorously organized by administrations all over the world targeting to convert electric health info. Previously a South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT and the Seoul Medical Center together industrialized a Smart Hospital scheme with an aim to increase information correctness and decrease treating judgment for the above-mentioned hospital.

About Longenesis:

Longenesis is a foremost AI firm that makes drug discovery. It is a high-class healthcare app supplier for denoting software outline Exonum. The firm has industrialized a blockchain tech to use Artificial intelligence toolsets. The major objective of Longenesis is with the help of blockchain it could quicken the growth of healthcare by offering good resolutions for information administration and information analytics.

About Gil General Hospital:

Gil General Hospital started its operation in 1978. Since then, the Center has been continuously growing the possibility of its accomplishments by opening many big departments. Recently it was chosen as the best research determined hospitals. The hospital was rated as the topmost Emergency Medicinal Center by National Evaluation in 2018.

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