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Freelanex Launches IEO on P2PB2B and Shortex


Freelanex, a popular blockchain-based company that empowers the freelancers globally, is about to leap ahead to build an online workspace environment for the freelancers worldwide. The company made this announcement on October 3, in a press meet, in Dubai. As per the reports, it has launched an IEO in 2 rounds from October 10 to November 14 on P2PB2B and Shortex.

The company also announced to offer a 25% bonus from October 10–24 and an extra 15% bonus from October 31 to November 14 during the two rounds launch of IEO. Furthermore, in these two rounds, the contributors will be given a discount on the price of IEO for FLXC which is the native ERC-20 tokens of Freelanex. During the IEO launch, one FLXC will debut at $0.004. P2PB2B is a popular mobile application that monitors the market and helps the users earn digital assets anytime and anywhere.

Freelanex wants to implement a blockchain-based workspace for freelancers to counter problems like geographic exclusion, confidence issues, cross border legal issues, and problems with payment processing, that are riddling in the freelancing market presently.  The blockchain-based workspace will be having a full-service approach and a robust ecosystem for freelancers. The immutable use of blockchain will automatically protect the rights of both the employees and the employers, which is the best part of the proposed move.

In support of this new IEO launch, Ibrahem Hassan, the CEO of Freelanex, commented,

“We are excited about our upcoming IEO as we have already sparked interest from our community and are continuously making progress. The IEO funds will be used to further develop the platform and help us launch a global workspace with the goal of attracting millions of freelancers and employers.”

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