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Ethereum Shows Almost 4% Jump in the Last 24 Hours


Justin Bons, The Founder and CIO of Cyber Capital, recently tweeted Ethereum is the market leader when it comes to utility s they serve the largest ecosystem of applications, Finance, and Transactions. Coming out from the great leaders of the industry, many users might gain attention towards Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Analysis & Forecast

The price of Ethereum was seen trading at $176.73 at 09:33 UTC on 3rd September 2019. Yesterday, the ETH price was fluctuating below the baseline trading at $170.63 at 08:39 UTC. The value increased by 6.24% at 20:34 UTC with the trading price of $181.28. Ethereum saw a slight drop of 2.30% today at 02:24 UTC when the trade value changed to $177.19 which was then slightly increased by 2.05% at 03:21 UTC trading at $180.81. Ethereum price from then is dropped by 2.28% as of now.

Ethereum Price

Momentary Investment: Considering the transient analysis, the worth is by all accounts dropping continually, and consequently, it probably won’t be a decent time to invest in Ethereum for the short-term.

Long haul Investment: Traders should wait for some time to invest for some great opportunity at the right price to get better profits in the long-term.

Following are the most probable resistance and support levels:

Resistance Levels

R3: $191.88

R2: $186.02

R1: $182.18

Support Levels

S1: $172.48

S2: $166.62

S3: $162.78

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