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Ethereum Records Almost 3% Hike in the Last 24 Hours


Ethereum inventor, Vitalik Buterin might be focusing on funding the public goods with Ethereum on the side. Well, this might help in acquiring more users on the network. However, nothing is sure as of now but eventually, we will come to know.

Since yesterday, the fluctuations in Ethereum price were quite noticeable. Yesterday, at 05:34 UTC, the ETH price was seen trading at $175.79. It was dropped by 3.05% at 10:15 UTC when the price changed to $170.44. By evening, at 23:11 UTC, the value saw an upward escalation of 3.04% when the value changed to $175.63.

Today, at 00:55 UTC, Ethereum price was slightly dropped by 1.41% with the trading price of $173.15. At 05:14 UTC, the value reached to the highest touch down of $176.88, which is again dropped by 0.94% as of now.

Ethereum is trading with the bearish nature that everybody knows about. The upside movement in ETH is very moderate right now, which creates worry in the brains of traders!

Ethereum Price

The resistance and support levels may assist the traders with avoiding any misfortunes, yet it probably won’t help them for quite a while except if ETH worth floods in the upward development.

R3: 180.75

R2: 178.45

R1: 176.34

S1: 171.93

S2: 169.63

S3: 167.52

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