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Cardano Price has Dropped by 3.26% in the Last 24 Hours


IOHK, A technology company in the field of Blockchain has recently partnered with Cardano and launching a Hackathon to support more adoption of Cardano in September.

Yesterday, Cardano price was initially seen trading above the baseline. However, the ADA price from then is dropping continuously. Yesterday, at 00:04 UTC, Cardano price was seen trading at $0.045455. The value then dropped by 3.23% at 16:01 UTC with a trading price of $0.043985. At 23:18 UTC, ADA price slightly increased by 1.56% when the value reached $0.044662. from then, the price of Cardano is dropped by 1.72% as of now.

Currently, Cardano price is not on that level that you want to sell. Be that as it may, since the coin is trading with the bearish nature, you should purchase new Cardano coins.

Cardano Price

The resistance and support levels are determined as follows:

R3: 0.046918

R2: 0.04623

R1: 0.045334

S1: 0.04375

S2: 0.043062

S3: 0.042166

The expectation is as yet prevailing to see Cardano rising in the positive zone soon. Before the year-end, the touch down can be seen at the most noteworthy estimation of $0.060.

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