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Ethereum Records 2% Dip in the Last 5 Days

  • Ethereum surges from $175 to $180 in last 4 days but records 2% dip overall
  • ETH should gain some momentum to reach $190 by month end

It may not seem to be a very good time to focus on ETH movement but the coin may gain momentum soon. ETH is seen to be moving between $175 and $180 in the last 4 days and this is a good sign of consistent pattern from any crypto. The current market performance can become progressive soon.

ETH has recorded a downtrend of over 2% in last 5 days dipping from $184.34 to its current value at $180.56 as on September 14, 2019 at 07:17:40 UTC. The coin was found to be trading around $180 for the first 2 days but then it started moving downwards and hit as low as $175.10. ETH managed to climb back up again upto $182.35 yesterday and has been moving around this value since then.

Ethereum Price Chart

The ROI of the coin has increased since yesterday and so has its market cap. ETH had closed the day at $181.11 yesterday and currently its trading below this value. However, it may surge upto $182 by the end of this day.

ETH is seen to be taking giant leaps in the first half of the year – both in terms of price value as well as in terms of global partnerships. The coin may have taken a back seat for now but it is only to gain enough momentum to rise back up again.

This is a right time to hold on to ETH token and wait for it to cross $200 again for some quick gains.


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