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Bitcoin Cash Price Has Dropped Almost 10% in Last 5 Days


Bitcoin Cash is coming with network upgrade soon in November 2019. The development community of BCH is rolling out some dices to prepare the users for the coming update and background preparations required for the same. Let’s hope that we see the brilliant surges with the network upgrade in November.

Let us analyze Bitcoin Price for last 5 days:

The price of BCH coin is seen trading at $281.4 at 10:44 UTC on 30th August 2019. Considering the price trend of the last 5 days, Bitcoin Cash was seen trading above the baseline at $315.3 on 26th August at 00:25 UTC. BCH price from then dropped by 9.18% on 28th August at 18:15 UTC when the value changed to $286.3. Bitcoin Cash price went further down by 5.36% today at 01:15 UTC with the trading value of $271.1. BCH price from then increased by 3.81% as of now.

Bitcoin Cash is fluctuating with the bearish nature. It seems that the coin price might move upwards soon as the value seems to escalate. However, it might be a little tricky to decide on the trade decision. Users might want to opt for ‘buying’ BCH coins as of now to enjoy some returns in coming few days or weeks.

Bitcoin Cash - BCH

Since the BCH price is trading with extreme volatility, traders might feel confused about where to buy or sell. The resistance and support levels might help traders to avoid any losses in trade today:

Resistance Levels

  • R3: 304.02
  • R2: 298.13
  • R1: 289.44

Support Levels

  • S1: 274.86
  • S2: 268.97
  • S3: 260.28

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