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Ethereum Might Be Fetching a Concern for the Long Term Traders


The market momentum for ETH is hard to find this day. While Bitcoin is able to find its momentum in the financial crunch, Ethereum is still struggling to slide away from the bearish zone. However, expectations from ETH are quite high and is hoped to find its way to the bullish zone.

Ethereum Price Analysis and Forecast:

The value of ETH is trading at $171.87 at 11:41 UTC on 5th September 2019. Yesterday, the value of ETH was initially seen trading in the green zone at $180.51 at 04:04 UTC. The value then dropped slightly by 3% at 13:00 UTC trading at $175.09 value. The value then increased by 1.89% at 20:00 UTC when the value changed to $178.37. Today, around 10:16 UTC hours, the value dropped again by 4.44% when the value dropped to $170.46, which is slightly increased by 0.85% as of now.

Ethereum Price

ETH is trading in the bearish zone that everyone is aware of. The momentum of ETH is quite slow right now which develops concern in the minds of users! ETH must slide out of the zone soon to maintain the credibility of the coin. Let’s hope that it happens soon, otherwise short term or long term, investments might be delayed or terminated by many users in the network.

The resistance and support levels might help the users to avoid any losses, but it might not help them for a long time unless ETH value surges in the upward movement.

Resistance Levels:

R3: 183.79

R2: 181.96

R1: 178.98

Support Levels:

S1: 174.17

S2: 172.34

S3: 169.36

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