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Bitcoin Cash Might Drop Further Down by the Rest of the Day


The Bitcoin Cash conference in Australia is going to conclude today. The hope is to see the upward surges in the network for better incentives. But we still need to figure out if this conference was able to succeed the credibility of BCH in the minds of users.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis and Forecast:

The BCH value is trading at $291.6 at 11:28 UTC on 5th September 2019; however, it might drop down as well. The BCH value was initially seen above the baseline yesterday trading at $301.5 at 00:55 UTC. The value then dropped by 2.84% at 1:01 UTC when the trading value changed to $292.9. The value by evening escalated in the upward direction by 2.33% trading at $299.7 value. The value then dropped again by 3.98% today at 10:12 UTC hours when the trade value dropped to $287.7, which is increased by 1.43% as of now.

Bitcoin Cash Price

BCH might not be a suitable currency if you are planning to sell any coin.  However, since the coin is traveling in the bearish zone, you might want to buy BCH for a stronger investment portfolio. But returns of BCH were not impressive, so how about analyzing the trade closely!

The resistance and support levels are calculated as:

Resistance Levels:

R3: 308.02

R2: 305

R1: 300.15

Support Levels:

S1: 292.28

S2: 289.26

S3: 284.41

BCH might be losing the opportunity of attracting great traders as the returns of the investment is becoming a huge concern and question in the network. But the hope is still succeeding to see BCH escalating in the positive zone soon.

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