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Ethereum Classic Might Be Leading The Marathon Compared To Other Coins!


ETH was in the news for quite some time with a question of accommodating two sources of ETH that might invite inflation. And thus, ETC community resource recently announced that they are planning the migration of the infrastructure to Ethereum Classic, which was an easier option to un-invite inflation.

Ethereum Classic to USD Price Analysis:

Considering the trade since yesterday, it was initiated below the baseline at $5.872 at 01:09 UTC on 3oth August. The value then saw a tremendous increase by 10.36% by 10:10 UTC with the trade changed to $6.481. The value, however, saw a little drop by 3.66% at 16:21 UTC with the trading value of $6.249. But today at 03:07 UTC, the value increased again by 5.55% trading at $6.596, which is dropped by 3.44% from then as of now.

ETC has jumped in the bullish zone. This means that many users might be enjoying some returns by ‘selling’ ETC coin as of now. ETC is in talks right now as they are surging in the god direction. Let’s hope that the bullish trend becomes stronger than ever.

ETC to USD Chart by TradingView:

ETC Price

However, there might be little drops in the trade. The resistance and support level might help in avoiding any small losses:

R1: 6.6, R2: 6.88, R3: 7.3

S1: 5.9, S2: 5.48, S3: 5.2

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