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ETC Trades with Over 8% Downtrend in Past 5 days


ETC was trading at $6.50 as on September 19, 2019 and it seemed that price may rise further. However, there were a couple of sharp falls which led ETC to fall as low as $6.05 on the same day. Post the said date, the movement of the coin has seen several rises and falls as well. While writing this analysis, ETC continued to move with a bearish run.

Ethereum Classic Price Chart

If we compare the current trading price of Ethereum Classic with the trading price as on September 19, 2019; it indicates a bearish trend at the moment by 8%.

We anticipate that the same trend will continue tomorrow also with the price falling marginally to $5.81.

As per the current trend, the potential investors and existing investors can purchase new coins or even sell the existing investments respectively. Today, ETC is expected to be traded in the range of $5.73 and $5.88. Over the past five days, the coin has seen many steep rises and falls and has not been able to maintain its consistency at any level. Hence it is advisable to trade from a long-term perspective.

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